mergers & acquisitions

Luke Cummings

A recent market report from Pitcher Partners found that M & A activity in 2017 increased 55% compared with the prior year, with numerous industry players such as Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and more all suggesting that M & A activity is showing no signs of slowing down just shy of... Show More

The Economist has spotted a slowdown in M&A activity. “An epic spree is petering out. At the current pace, global activity in the second quarter will be down by 11% in dollar value from the first and by 35% from the previous year.” They see a range of issues affecting... Show More

Intelligent Investor

New Zealand retailer Briscoe Group has announced their intention of acquiring travel and adventure retailer Kathmandu… Until the takeover terms have been announced it is unclear what price will be offered to Kathmandu shareholders. It has been reported that the deal will include both cash and Briscoe’s shares. Acquirers typically... Show More

Platypus Asset Management

The stimulus provided by central bankers around the world following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 has been unprecedented. Bank of America Merrill Lynch data shows that 531 rate cuts have been implemented around the world since Lehman went under. There have been 28 rate cuts this calendar year... Show More

James Marlay

A new survey from Ernst & Young indicates the trend in M&A activity is set to keep rolling. EY surveyed 1,600 executives from the US and abroad about their acquisition plans. The results found that more American companies are looking to buy than any other time this decade. “US... Show More