micro cap

Martin Pretty

If you are going to venture into micro cap stocks, you need to be wide awake to the fact that there are two alternate universes for the one market segment. There is the conventional world where investors buy and sell interests in businesses that are striving to create value for their... Show More

Mark Tobin

MedAdvisor (MDR: ASX) operates in the healthcare IT space, specifically in improving the interaction between pharmacies, patients, drug manufacturers, doctors, and government. MDR provides a fully digital end to end experience for handling medical scripts for prescribed medication, primarily targeting chronic conditions which require ongoing medication management. Show More

Mark Tobin

At a recent technology conference, I attended there was a whole panel discussion on the opportunities around the use of technology and innovation in the education sector. While not as sexy and almost ubiquitous as FinTech or platform businesses like Facebook and Netflix etc. Education globally is still a huge... Show More

Mark Tobin

Veris Limited (VRS: ASX announced another acquisition in its continuing strategy to rollup firms in the surveying and urban/regional planning business. Veris decided to wind down its old OTOC construction business over last 18 months to focus on its surveying and planning strategy. The new acquisition was well received with... Show More

Robert Frost

Horticultural company, Costa Group (ASX:CGC), was a stand-out performer during the quarter with the fruit and vegetable grower producing a stellar interim result, which was applauded by the market. Show More

Mark Tobin

Over recent months the microcap and small cap end of the ASX has been pummeled, by what has been termed the “great rotation” or "silent crash", more phrases to add to your investing lexicon. This is largely where large cap managers who had meandered down into the smaller end of... Show More

UBS Asset Management

The world remains in a low growth environment. Revenue growth is difficult to come by, the bulk of the heavy lifting on cost out appears to be behind us and levels of investment (which would drive medium-term growth) remain at benign levels. Against this backdrop, we have the continued emergence... Show More

Lachlan Hughes

Just a sensor stitched into a shirt? Well, not quite. Catapult provides sophisticated analysis to help understand player load with a view to preventing soft tissue injury. The technology also assists team management understand their players bio-mechanics in an objective way. The real smarts are in the algorithms that process... Show More