Lachlan MacGregor

Autonomous transport still seems like science fiction: we know it is bound to come eventually, yet it is difficult to imagine in our daily lives. But self-driving cars are becoming a reality rapidly and this month Alphabet (Google) took us a step closer to that future. Waymo, Alphabet's autonomous car... Show More

In the past quarter, we have seen a significant divergence between the performance of the US stock market compared to emerging markets and Europe. Donald Trump’s hard stance on tariffs and his trade wars have driven fear into emerging markets, especially China. Weakening manufacturing numbers in Europe, a populist five... Show More

Jade Ong

You can be a savvy investor without living and breathing the stock market thanks to a brilliant concept called thematic investing. This might sound overly simplistic but all it takes is an understanding of the world around you – how it’s changing, where it’s going and who is leading the... Show More

This remarkable chart on the growing dominance of Alphabet and Facebook in the advertising market neatly illustrates comments from Hamish Douglass in a recent Livewire interview on the massive opportunities still ahead for the big platforms. Show More

Lachlan Hughes

The ‘Dotcom’ crash of 2001 was a good old fashioned bubble. Many people were swept up in the euphoria as their expectations about future profits turned out to be nothing more than unfounded hope. For many Australians, it is a case of once bitten, twice shy. Roll forward 17 years,... Show More

Tom McKay

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for 30 minutes with Hamish Douglass, the CIO of Magellan at their new offices in Sydney. We discussed a wide range of topics from his biggest influences to the most impactful trends that are driving his investment strategy today. During my time... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Both the reputation and the share price of listed retirement village operator, Aveo Group, have taken a big hit recently. With this backdrop, we ask Dean Fergie of Cyan IM and Ron Shamgar of TBF, how investors can quantify reputational risk, and whether situations like Aveo’s can create buying opportunities?... Show More

Nick Griffin

Research firm, Gartner, estimates that AI will power 85% of customer service interactions. In order to achieve this, massive investments will need to be made in two key areas; data, and computing power. In this video, Nick Griffin, Head of Investment at Munro Partners, explains the importance, and some of... Show More