Lachlan MacGregor

Whilst innovation continues to present long-term opportunities in the technology sector, the outlook for 2019 is less certain given pending trade negotiations. I just got back from visiting over 50 technology and communications companies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle, looking for investments that aren’t dependent on the outcome... Show More

Alex Cowie

ARK Invest has just published a great podcast with the one and only Elon Musk. Interviewed by Cathie Wood and Tasha Keeney, Elon set the scene by agreeing with their aggressive projections for EV sales to increase 20-fold in the next 5 years, which would represent about a third of... Show More

Lachlan MacGregor

In December I published an article concluding that Google’s Waymo autonomous car division was well ahead of the competition. I stand by that assessment, and its hardly controversial. But I underestimated how much Tesla’s promotion of its own efforts were confusing customers and potentially investors about their place in the... Show More

Lachlan MacGregor

Autonomous transport still seems like science fiction: we know it is bound to come eventually, yet it is difficult to imagine in our daily lives. But self-driving cars are becoming a reality rapidly and this month Alphabet (Google) took us a step closer to that future. Waymo, Alphabet's autonomous car... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

WHEB Asset Management is a UK based fund manager at the forefront of the growing movement in Impact Investing, they are also leaders in measuring the impact associated with their investments. For example, if you invested $100,000 with WHEB over 2017 you would have avoided the CO2 emissions created by... Show More

Ben Mcgarry

For many years, Tesla has defied conventional financial wisdom, and betting against Elon Musk has been a loser’s game. However, we believe right now the market is witnessing peak Iron Man, and that the time has finally come for the great Tesla short. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Returning from the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Nathan Bell and the team from Peters MacGregor, took the opportunity to take the pulse of the US markets. Reporting on their findings, in this short interview he tells us that the expensive defensives, such as McDonalds, are we he sees the biggest risks.... Show More

Ned Bell

The purpose of this analysis is to explore the risks and opportunities that come with what we call the ‘Modern Day Disruptors’. More specifically, we will look at the potential winners and losers from the perspective of a global equity investor and aim to answer the most important question: Will... Show More