Trump Attacks Amazon, Stock Markets Suffer, Uber & Tesla's AV Crashes

Kent Kwan

Trump lashes out at Amazon, stock markets suffer + Uber & Tesla’s fatal AV crashes. What does it all mean for investors? Show More

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Nothing defensive in 'expensive defensives'

Livewire Exclusive

Returning from the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Nathan Bell and the team from Peters MacGregor, took the opportunity to take the pulse of the US markets. Reporting on their findings, in this short interview he tells us that the expensive defensives, such as McDonalds, are we he sees the biggest risks.... Show More


Modern Day Disruptors - Risk or Opportunity?

Ned Bell

The purpose of this analysis is to explore the risks and opportunities that come with what we call the ‘Modern Day Disruptors’. More specifically, we will look at the potential winners and losers from the perspective of a global equity investor and aim to answer the most important question: Will... Show More