Today’s rally notwithstanding, gold has had a relatively low profile start to 2017. This is in stark contract to a year ago, when a volatile stock market and the surprise implementation of NIRP in Japan led to range of optimistic forecasts and proclamations of “a new bull market in precious... Show More

The recently released Economic outlook from the Carlyle Group, titled “The search for yield and business investment”, focused on why corporate investment has been so weak in the past few years, despite record low interest rates. With income streams from “safe” investments (cash and government bonds) at record lows, it... Show More

Pendal Group

We are now approaching the endgame, and things are changing. We are now squarely in the middle of a crisis of confidence, but crucially this is the big one - it's a crisis of confidence concerning the functioning of central banks and the entire fiat monetary system. The markets are... Show More

Despite the overnight pullback in metals prices, it’s been another strong month for gold, with record ETF inflows, and prices moving decisively above USD $1200oz. Lately, the move in gold has coincided with risk assets rallying, no doubt driven by dovish activity in Europe and Japan. Show More

Gold has continued its impressive gains this week, with the price of the precious metal blowing through USD $1200 and AUD $1700 per ounce this week, within touching distance of its all time high in the local currency. Share-market volatility is obviously a driver, but does it really justify a... Show More

After the surprise move by the BoJ to enter the world of NIRP, JP Morgan released a note stating that $5.5 Trillion of the JPM Global Government Bond index was now trading at negative yields. On a relative basis, precious metals are now a higher yielding investment than 24% of... Show More