Emanuel Datt

I explicitly began my investing education by reading what is considered the bible to value investors: Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham. To be honest, I couldn't and still haven't finished the book as I found it fairly dry and uninspiring; especially for a young, new investor. Thankfully, there are a... Show More

John Garrett

Over the years I've read a lot of books on investing, many of which are on, or by, the great investors. I'm constantly revisiting these books as they provide a different context to investment environments, in addition to assisting me to better understand investing and human biases. The following books... Show More

“Never before have I felt so empowered to learn as I do today. When I was young, there were few options to learn on my own. My parents had a set of World Book Encyclopedias, which I read through in alphabetical order. But there were no online courses, video lectures,... Show More