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Patrick Poke

On Tuesday night, I attended the Magellan Investor Gala Dinner at the MCEC. Magellan CEO/CIO, Hamish Douglass, held the 2000-strong audience’s attention for a solid two hours, discussing the big issues on his mind for both the short-term and the long-term. The talk was wide-ranging, but the main focuses of... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Regular readers of Livewire will have been following our feature on ‘value investing’. What we’ve learned is that while labels may be dispensable, having robust and repeatable processes are essential disciplines for successful investing. Of the five fund managers we’ve approached in this series, each has had a defined set... Show More

Livewire Equities

The team at Montgomery Investments believe that Infomedia (IFM) is a genuine Australian success story on the world stage and recent events may have re-positioned the stock in the eyes of the market. Following an extended period of managerial neglect and gradual decline, IFM has more recently been reinvigorated, and... Show More