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Martin Pretty

If you are going to venture into micro cap stocks, you need to be wide awake to the fact that there are two alternate universes for the one market segment. There is the conventional world where investors buy and sell interests in businesses that are striving to create value for their... Show More

Weimin Xie

Using a party as an analogy for the current equity market, we think this ten-year ‘party’ is about to finish. While we don’t know what time the lights are going back on, what we do know is that the music is getting louder and the people are getting crazier. Some... Show More


A swathe of microcaps put in some truly remarkable gains last year. The share prices of Bubs, Jervois, and MyFiziq increased 12, 16, and 30 times respectively, and there were scores more that tripled or quadrupled. Yet many of these stocks have business models at very early, or even conceptual,... Show More

Expert Insights

The market has favoured growth stocks in recent years, but that could all change according to Matthew Booker from Spheria Asset Management. In a cycle that’s been 10 years in the making, companies have grown large and attracted high valuations while burning large amounts of cash. He cites the example... Show More

Robert Frost

Broadband product developer, NetComm Wireless (ASX:NTC), bounced strongly after news filtered out NBN Co is set to announce an expansion of its Fibre-to-the-Distribution point (FTTdp) roll-out to one million homes, up from the 700,000 homes currently announced. Show More


May 2017 marked the first month since September 2016 that the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index outperformed large caps. Livewire reached out to six small cap specialists to ask: “Is this a turning point”? The consensus seems, with some terms and conditions, to be: “Yes”. Read on for responses from Wilson... Show More

Ron Shamgar

In the search for value, we are always on the lookout for companies that are either undiscovered, overlooked or just misunderstood by the market. Over the last few months we shared with Livewire readers our investment thesis in Freedom Insurance Group (FIG) and Mcpherson's Limited (MCP). Another core holding in... Show More