small cap ideas

Marni Lysaght

The current Reporting Season of August 2018 has left some investors surprised, some disappointed and some delighted. As Reporting Season nears completion, a name falling into the category of delight has been that of People Infrastructure, beating prospectus forecasts and consensus expectations, with management guiding to further growth in FY19.... Show More

Glennon Capital

Over the past few years commodities have mostly been tainted with the same brush, and keeping well away from resource stocks had served investors well. In the majority of cases a flood of capital has allowed resource companies to explore and develop deposits. Supply has been released onto the global... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Last week, I got to work nearly 2 hours late. As I sat in gridlock, it dawned on me how powerful the principle of asymmetry is, the same principle that disrupted my morning, is perhaps the most underrated principle in investing. I live in Manly NSW and our offices are... Show More

Harley Grosser

In January I published this note stating the view that Adacel (ASX:ADA) was trading around fair value but that numerous opportunities existed for earnings upgrades and for the impressive growth story to continue. Last Friday Adacel announced another profit upgrade for FY16, guiding to 70% growth over FY15 (previous... Show More