Martin Pretty

If you are going to venture into micro cap stocks, you need to be wide awake to the fact that there are two alternate universes for the one market segment. There is the conventional world where investors buy and sell interests in businesses that are striving to create value for their... Show More

Ned Bell

We recently met with 170 companies as part of a research road trip that crossed the US and Europe, to test existing investment theses, and look for new opportunities and trends. One key takeaway was that we have found far more attractive opportunities in global small to midcap (SMID) companies.... Show More

Andrew Smith

Navigating the almost 2000 stocks in the microcap universe can be daunting for investors, particularly as broker coverage is so thin. But this is precisely what attracts us. We use our large research team and disciplined process to uncover great value stocks whose growth prospects are being ignored by the... Show More

Sam Berridge

Pacific Energy (PEA) announced an additional 11 Megawatts of power generation capacity for their Western Australian Pilgangoora lithium project this week. The award takes year-on-year growth to 8.0%, with a good chance of further contract awards in the near term. PEA’s take-or-pay contract structure offers defensive earnings, a positive growth... Show More

Marcus Tuck

When looking for relatively low-risk equity investments, companies with strong balance sheets are a good place to start the search. If they happen to be effectively debt-free with a net cash position, then even better. With no financial pressure on companies to service loans during business downturns, the risk of... Show More

Dean Fergie

If interest rates continue to rise, it would indicate a loosening of monetary policy and a pro-growth, high-spending political and economic environment. Initially, and understandably, the bond-proxy and income stocks have sold-off markedly: property trusts, infrastructure and, in Australia, the major banks and telcos. Liquidated funds would quite rightly be... Show More