Frankly, this is unfair

Clime Asset Management

There is no doubt that Australia’s franking system has lots of flaws. Today, we are one of the few countries in the world which maintains a franking system, and probably the only one that has cash rebates of franking. Show More

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Proposed Labor changes a headache for SMSFs

Elizabeth Moran

SMSF expert, Tony Negline gives his unique view of the proposed Labor Party changes to claiming franking credits. He provides suggestions on structuring your SMSF and how to utilise your franking credits. Show More

labor franking credits SMSFs Dividend Imputation Tony Negline

Trump Meeting Kim Jong-Un, Labor’s $59b Cash Refund Plan, Spotify’s Unorthodox IPO

Kent Kwan

Get the full scoop on what Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Labor’s $59b cash refund plan, and Spotify’s unconventional IPO means for you and your investments. Show More

Netflix share price falls 12% as competition increases

Alex Pollak

Strike one for Netflix was the news that Disney will no longer supply programming from the end of 2019. Strike two happened late last week when several credible sources reported than Apple had committed to spending US$1b on original programming in 2018. Show More

disruption SMSFs ASX: TLS

Uber: The network effect, in reverse

Alex Pollak

Do not expect Uber to right itself now that CEO Travis Kalanick has “resigned.” The company’s problems run far deeper, and the story has far from played out. Show More

investing disruption ASX:WOW SMSFs

Why value investing isn’t what it used to be

Alex Pollak

Now is the time to be extremely wary of value investments. The unprecedented change we are living through means that the risks of value investing have never been higher. Show More


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A new income option for Australian SMSFs and Retirees

Dr Don Hamson

Plato Income Maximiser Limited (ASX:PL8), a new Australian shares Listed Investment Company (LIC) with a high-income focus, has just launched. Show More

4 factors that underpin infrastructure returns

AMP Capital

Volatile and uncertain markets are highlighting the benefits direct infrastructure investment can bring to an SMSF investor’s portfolio. Infrastructure returns tend to follow predictable and more stable paths due to the cash flow generation of the underlying assets, the basic nature of these assets, the market structure in which they... Show More

infrastructure dividends yield Longform SMSFs

Aussies dramatically under invested in the companies reshaping business

Livewire Exclusive

SMSF's in Australia are very concentrated in Australian assets. Alex Pollak, CEO of Lotus Peak believes that "self managed super in this country is dramatically under invested in the companies that are remaking the business landscape in the 21st century". By being under invested in offshore assets Australians are also... Show More

asset allocation SMSFs

Why a falling $A can boost your portfolio returns again this year

Clime Asset Management

There is another opportunity to play the weakening $A again this financial year, and not only for international investing. A year ago we forecast the $A would fall significantly. At the time we said the potential currency decline created an opportunity, particularly for savvy SMSF and self-directed investors, to shift... Show More

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