Nathan Lim

Probably better known for its ceramic particulate filters, NGK Insulator is enjoying strong demand for its filters because vehicle emission standards are tightening globally. Less well known is its NAS battery division that has been shipping utility-scale batteries since 2002. JA Solar is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer with a... Show More

Livewire Equities

“Investment bank Morgan Stanley has painted a bullish outlook for the home battery storage market in Australia, saying it could be worth $24 billion, with half of all households likely to install batteries to store the output from their solar panels.” (Renew Economy). Morgan Stanley writes “Battery adoption should follow... Show More

Nathan Lim

7 reasons to own solar stocks today. Solar is becoming the energy of the future. Grid parity has been reached and emission regulations are a tailwind.Here are 7 reasons to own solar stocks. #1 - Households that install solar panels save money.#2 - Cost keeps falling. #3 - Solar stocks... Show More

Nathan Lim

The retail price of electricity in Australia puts it among the most expensive in the developed world according to a recent report from Deutsche Bank. The constant upward march in prices against a simultaneous downward shift in the cost of solar means more Australian can make the jump to solar... Show More

Tom McKay

The Atlantic covers 10 trends that are ruling the world today including cheap solar power, the Chinese population bust and the how Americans are driving less and less Show More