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The price of solar was already falling steadily but then plummeted over the last decade to make it far cheaper than conventional power. John Martin, CEO at New Energy Solar talks here about this powerful trend in energy, which he describes as ‘the inevitable future’. As solar costs have decreased substantially... Show More

John Martin

Climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than anticipated, calling for urgent changes over the next decade to combat the impacts of extreme heat, drought and floods that could result from rising temperatures.(1) But while the world is heating up, so too is investment in the renewable energy sector,... Show More

Nathan Lim

Utilities are striking back at rooftop solar by changing their billing structure. Changed industry conditions call for innovation, not impediments. We previously have written how it is a mistake to think utilities will disappear with the growth of distributed generation. Utility companies could be expected to respond to the challenges... Show More

Nathan Lim

Probably better known for its ceramic particulate filters, NGK Insulator is enjoying strong demand for its filters because vehicle emission standards are tightening globally. Less well known is its NAS battery division that has been shipping utility-scale batteries since 2002. JA Solar is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer with a... Show More

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Some very strange things have occurred at Hanergy Thin Film – the company owned by China’s (former) richest man, Li Hejun. 1) The stock crashed by more than 50% in less than one second. “Before its crash and indefinite trading suspension, Hanergy’s market value was higher than all other listed... Show More

Nathan Lim

7 reasons to own solar stocks today. Solar is becoming the energy of the future. Grid parity has been reached and emission regulations are a tailwind.Here are 7 reasons to own solar stocks. #1 - Households that install solar panels save money.#2 - Cost keeps falling. #3 - Solar stocks... Show More

Nathan Lim

What the heck does the oil price have to do with solar? Since breaking the psychological US$100 level in September, Brent crude oil has fallen 34%. Strangely, the Ardour Solar Index has also fallen the same amount over this same period. Four reasons why we think it makes no sense... Show More