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L1's checklist for protecting capital

Livewire Exclusive

Mark Landau, Joint Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at L1 Capital, is familiar with protecting against the downside. His Long Short Fund has outperformed the ASX200 in every market sell off since it launched in September 2014. Show More

One way to hedge against inflation

Livewire Exclusive

Preserving capital whilst maintaining real income in an inflationary environment is an important challenge for investors to consider. Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner at Metrics Credit Partners, explains that unlike many fixed income assets where capital value falls as rates rise, the income received from corporate loans moves in line with... Show More

Taking the headache out of Hybrids


If you already own Hybrids you’ll be familiar with some of their benefits: attractive yields, access to franking credits and lower volatility relative to equities. However, as terms and conditions differ from security to security, Hybrids can be a complex and admin intensive asset class for investors. Show More

Don’t get bluffed by the market

Livewire Exclusive

The allure of potential ‘multi-baggers’ can be irresistible, but only focussing on the potential upside is ignoring Warren Buffett’s number one rule, ‘don’t lose money’. Robert Luciano is Director & Portfolio Manager of VGI Partners Global Investments Limited (ASX:VG1), a new listed investment company that will begin trading on the... Show More

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Magellan Global Trust receives Recommended Plus rating

Independent Investment Research

Magellan’s Global Trust (MGG) will shake things up when it hits the ASX next month with a range of innovative features not previously seen in the Australian listed investments landscape. It will be based on a high conviction, relatively concentrated global equities and benchmark agnostic mandate with a portfolio of... Show More

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Invest beyond the benchmark

Schroders Australia

Diversifying away from the index is a significant challenge for many investors. The recent dominance of just a few industries means that many portfolios lack true diversification, exposing them to economic downtrends. Andrew Fleming, deputy Head of Australian Equities at Schroders, says it is time to think differently about investing.... Show More

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Attributes of an outstanding investment

Livewire Exclusive

Short-term wins make great headlines, but it's the long-term wins that make a real impact on a portfolio. Superior long-term compound growth is one of the key tenets at VGI Partners. Managing Partner, Robert Luciano, identifies lubricants manufacturer, WD-40 as an example of a superior long-term growth opportunity. Show More

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Platinum launches two innovative new products

Platinum Asset Management

Platinum is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of two innovative new products. Two new managed funds, Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) (ASX code: PIXX) and Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) (ASX code: PAXX), will shortly be quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and are expected to... Show More

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Metrics Credit Partners IPO passes $300 million

Livewire Exclusive

It is very difficult for investors to access the low-risk, high yield generated by corporate loans, as this is a business dominated by the big banks. Metrics Credit Partners is an experienced debt-specialist fund manager that gives investors the opportunity to access stable monthly income via the MCP Master Income... Show More

Diversifying away from Aussie banks

Livewire Exclusive

Financials dominate the ASX200, comprising 35.4% of the index. This compares to 14.7% of the S&P500. Andrew Fleming, Deputy Head of Australian Equities at Schroders, points out, they are a big part of the index - because they make a lot of money. Here he questions whether this will continue. Show More

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How to access high-yield, low-risk income

Livewire Exclusive

Until now Australian investors have had limited ways to receive attractive, regular income, whilst also achieving true portfolio diversification. Metrics Credit Partners have just opened the IPO of the MCP Master Income Trust (ASX:MXT). Show More

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Look 'through the windscreen' for a better portfolio

Livewire Exclusive

In his most recent memo, Howard Marks took aim at passive investing, questioning a process that ignores both asset allocation and stock selection. In this short video, Martin Conlon, Head of Australian Equities at Schroders, echoes this sentiment and also discusses how a forward-looking approach can provide performance: “As active... Show More

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How exuberant is the credit market right now?

Livewire Exclusive

Andrew Lockhart from Metrics Credit Partners provides an insight into the domestic credit market. It’s part of the financial system usually reserved for the ‘big banks’ who provide credit to large corporates looking to invest and expand their businesses. While credit is available it seems appetite for growth remains patchy. Show More

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Access Morningstar’s Best Global Equity Ideas

Livewire Exclusive

Australian listed companies represent only 2% of world share market capitalisation, yet Australian investors are overwhelmingly investing in domestic shares. Could your portfolio benefit from international diversification? Show More

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Investor Event: Resources Rising Stars 2017

Livewire Exclusive

It’s on again! The 14th annual Resources Rising Stars investor conference on the Gold Coast starts next Tuesday (May 30) and Livewire readers are invited to attend free of charge. More than 700 investors have already registered for the exclusive opportunity to hear presentations from 32 leading ASX resources companies.... Show More

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How to invest in microcaps alongside the Perennial Value team

Andrew Smith

Navigating the almost 2000 stocks in the microcap universe can be daunting for investors, particularly as broker coverage is so thin. But this is precisely what attracts us. We use our large research team and disciplined process to uncover great value stocks whose growth prospects are being ignored by the... Show More

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How brokers are thinking about asset allocation

Schroders Australia

Institutional asset managers and retail financial planners have been providing information on their investment allocations for years. As far as we are aware there is nothing available in the stockbroker advised space to understand how broker equivalent portfolios are positioned and how they are being implemented. We can make assumptions,... Show More

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Don’t ring the bell on emerging companies just yet

Livewire Exclusive

While most smallcap indexes around the world tend to trade at a premium to their associated larger cap index, the Australian market is an exception. Smaller companies have traditionally traded at around a 15% discount to larger companies in Australia, however, this has reversed and they now trade at a... Show More

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Morphic launches new ethical LIC

Jack Lowenstein

We are the first generation to experience climate change, and we are the last that can do anything about it. Morphic strongly believes that better investing can make the world a better place, and that there is no need for it to involve things that make us all poorer. Show More

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Why Sirtex could triple in short order

Livewire Exclusive

James McDonald, Chief Investment Officer at Hunter Hall, likes to look past the small gains and target investments that could double. With three major clinical trials due between now and June, he thinks Sirtex is such an opportunity. “They have the potential to double, or even triple sales and in... Show More

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