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PM Capital

The arguments for using Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are numerous and the burgeoning LIC offering on the ASX means investors now have more choice than ever. One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the fact that LICs will often trade at a discount to their Net Tangible Assets... Show More

Dan Pennell

Franking credits, income levels and home bias are just 3 reasons why Australian investors have such a love affair with domestic markets. However, with Australia’s top 6 yielding stocks providing approximately 50% of ASX200 Income, investors are exposing themselves to dangerous levels of concentration risk. Indeed if you held the... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

The allure of potential ‘multi-baggers’ can be irresistible, but only focussing on the potential upside is ignoring Warren Buffett’s number one rule, ‘don’t lose money’. Robert Luciano is Director & Portfolio Manager of VGI Partners Global Investments Limited (ASX:VG1), a new listed investment company that will begin trading on the... Show More

Independent Investment Research

Magellan’s Global Trust (MGG) will shake things up when it hits the ASX next month with a range of innovative features not previously seen in the Australian listed investments landscape. It will be based on a high conviction, relatively concentrated global equities and benchmark agnostic mandate with a portfolio of... Show More