trade wars

Tony Sutton

A two-pronged tweet from President Trump over the weekend threatening to increase tariffs on Chinese imports has shattered the relative calm currently being enjoyed by markets. Given Trump’s obsession with “The Dow” and clear focus on being re-elected in November 2020, this was a very perplexing move.After all, it is... Show More

Matthew Haupt

2018 has proven to be a tumultuous year for the Australian equity market. Key themes driving the market’s decline and heightened volatility have included the increase in government regulations, escalation in trade wars and attempts to control the global oil surplus. In the short to medium-term we expect volatility will increase... Show More

Paul Taylor

I always think of periods of market volatility as manageable brush fires - while still causing market nervousness they’re actually better for the long-term market structure as they lower the risk of a serious bush fire. For the Australian market the latest ‘brush fires’ were the result of market nervousness... Show More

Expert Insights

2019 is just a few months away. So when we sat down with Natalie Tam, Investment Director at Aberdeen Standard Investments, we took the opportunity to ask her what she thought the key market issues could be next year. She touches on 5 key issues including the prospect of a... Show More

Magellan Asset Management

You read a lot in the newspaper, but there’s nothing like getting views from someone who’s been at the coalface. One of those people is Michael Morell. As former Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael has been connected to some of the biggest issues in the world, including one of... Show More


With the two largest economies in the world at loggerheads, many investors and commentators are trying to figure out the end game. Alex Duffy, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity instead suggests focussing on the impacts on individual markets. “Specifically, when I look at China, I’m far less worried about the impact... Show More

Ronald Temple

Since the beginning of the year, the Trump administration has announced a series of increasingly aggressive trade policies. While much remains uncertain about the future direction of these policies, we believe the risk of further escalation is high and that a sustained move toward protectionism could derail economic growth. Show More