Trump US election

Garry Laurence

What an eventful quarter we have seen in equity markets. The election of Donald Trump has seen a significant rise in long term bond yields and a rotation out of bond proxies like utilities, real estate and consumer staples into sectors like financials that have been undervalued for quite some... Show More

Chad Slater

After last weeks 'mea culpa' , enough navel gazing and time to look to where in the world money can be made from the reality of this new situation. Markets don't care much for 'why' things happened, they care more about 'what it means'. And it's a fascinating set-up. Most... Show More

Chad Slater

Last week our digital marketing person asked if we could write about Trump this week. Why, I asked, since everyone has already written on it? "Umm, turns out people aren't as interested in the Asian airline sector as us". In a world of President-elects on twitter at 3am abusing the... Show More