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These days it can be tough to find an undiscovered gem with recurring revenue. The market is seeking out and applying a premium to companies with recurring revenue given the benefits of earnings visibility and compounding. Show More

We are becoming more comfortable that Lovisa could become a five-year growth story, based on the disciplined and strategic manner in which offshore growth opportunities are being evaluated. With the Lovisa product culturally attuned to UK tastes, expansion into the UK market may present a logical short to medium term... Show More

On a trade-weighted basis, the pound on Friday hit 94.50, its highest level since 2008. With Bank of England minutes from the 8th July released this evening at 6.30pm EST, currency strategists will be looking for any differences of opinion inside the committee on how soon they should begin to... Show More

Inflation is dead. R.I.P., inflation. You had a good run, but it's over now that prices are rising less than 1 percent in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, China, and Japan. You can see that in the chart (attached): outside of Europe, inflation was between 1.5 and 2.5 percent... Show More

BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink, told the UK to copy Australian Superannuation: Speaking at the National Association of Pension Funds Investment Conference in Edinburgh yesterday, Larry Fink said a compulsory pension saving programme, similar to the Australian superannuation scheme, would help solve the UK's pension's crisis. Superannuation, introduced in 1992, is... Show More