united states

David Sokulsky

The political environment is arguably more important now for investors than it has been for many years. Trump’s presidential victory in the US, the rise of ‘populism’ in Europe, and potentially more regulation for domestic energy, healthcare and banking sectors all have the potential to impact markets. Show More

Jonas Palmqvist

I recently travelled to the US for a closer look at global health care companies. The trip was timely - the investment decision in the sector became increasingly contentious during 2016, driven by the US political debate as well as some weakening fundamental trends in the stocks. I came away... Show More

The S&P500 suffered a shocking Q3 2015 seeing July +1.3%, August -6.3% and September -2.6% wiped off the value of the index erasing all year on year gains.. Recovery has come back into October however with Fed rate hike likely pushing into 2016, question of whether positive trend sustainable becomes... Show More

US steel tube and pipe manufacturing remains one of the weakest products across QMG's coverage universe: volumes (down -53% yoy), pricing (down -13% yoy) weak, costs increasing at +13% yoy, pressure on both revenue and margins....most highly correlated equity that we have mapped to this product group is Tenaris (North... Show More