us market

Marcus Tuck

Sector rotation in the US equity market over the past month has been driven by a combination of rising bond yields, stronger US economic growth and political risks going into Tuesday’s US Presidential and Congressional elections. The chart shows the performance over the past month of the 10 sectors that comprise... Show More

PM Capital

Whether the Fed raises rates in December or in March of next year is ultimately inconsequential. The key take away should the Fed choose to raise interest rates, is that they are doing so because the underlying economy in the US is improving. Uday Cheruvu, Portfolio Manager at PM Capital,... Show More

Angela Mangan

US stockmarket - the 3 key indices are very close to generating technical tops / technical sell signals, which if triggered, would indicate the potential for further significant downside. The emergence of potential technical tops at a US index level follows on from the technical analysis based warning QMG provided to... Show More