Mathan Somasundaram

Quant Strategy Portfolio | October update - Ride the rebound | Strategy outlook: We maintain our positive view that the market will recover from the recent profit taking on geopolitical, currency and global growth worries. Portfolio changes: PPT was added while VED was removed. Current model portfolio: Materials - large (BHP,... Show More

High growth names still attractive for Hyperion. Tim Samway from Hyperion Asset Management has used the recent pullback as an opportunity to add to existing positions in high growth names such as REA Group and Domino's Pizza. He says that focusing on short term moves is a dangerous distraction for... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Quant Strategy Portfolio | September update - Maintaining three pillar diversification | Despite the short term volatility on the strength of US recovery relative to other regions, we see positive medium to long term equity market prospects due to subdued growth in all other regions of the world. Potential further... Show More

Six IPOs that passed the filters. Pengana Emerging Companies Fund - the one that's soft-closed and has been returning cash to investors - has released its Quarterly. In the report the highly rated fund managers, Ed Prendergast and Steve Black say they've built positions in 6 IPO's during the past... Show More