Scott Shuttleworth

Buying undervalued stocks is traditionally the way investors seek to deliver returns over the long term. At Vega Capital, we utilise a differentiated way of looking at the markets in the United States and discuss it in today’s blog. There are two overarching algorithms we utilise, the first uses macroeconomic... Show More

Investors Mutual

Over the past 12 months, a common headline in the financial pages has pointed to record low levels of volatility, as measured by the frequently quoted VIX volatility index. Yet for Australian equity investors, increasingly volatile share price movements in many stocks belies what the VIX is actually indicating -... Show More

Marcus Padley

Last week we saw BWX, BKL, A2M, WTC, NCK, NAN and BIN all up 7% or more. BAL is up 85% in three months, A2M is up 83%, WTC is up 55%, BWX is up 28%, BLA is up 46%. The mid-cap sector is having a dream rally. A lot... Show More

Fred Woollard

Implied volatility is now trading at record lows across a variety of asset classes, especially in US equities. This means that option markets are priced in the belief that the economic and political outlook in America and the world is as stable as it has been for more than 25... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Equities are in the late stages of a near-record bull-market, and rates are once again heading up. In this exclusive interview, Arik Star, Portfolio Manager, Ellerston Global Investments, identifies the key risks in this environment. He also points out that in any given year there will be stocks that have... Show More

Simon Doyle

It is widely acknowledged that the outlook for economies and markets is unusually uncertain, given the huge political changes that we are witnessing globally. It is also widely acknowledged that most assets are expensive and priced to offer sub-normal prospective returns. Why then is volatility (the VIX) so low? History... Show More

Livewire News

Bloomberg has published five charts that give some reason for investor caution, starting with the significant divergence between VIX and gold inflows: “Gold inflows have not been matched by movement in the VIX, and a gap has opened up between the two measures. “While stocks and corporate bonds have rallied... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

The Volatility Index (VIX) has risen marginally over the last few years and has proven very capable of spiking to extreme levels very quickly as we witnessed last year over China growth concerns - see chart 1 (Below). However volumes of the majority financial instruments have collapsed over the same... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Equities have rallied very strongly from their mid-February lows when economic pessimism ran way ahead of itself leading to a significant market correction. The US S&P500 corrected exactly into our 1800-1815 target area from where it has now staged a very impressive 9.4% rally; amazingly, we are now only 7.8%... Show More

Wentworth Securities

With the volatility index (CBOE VIX) hitting highs last seen back in 2011, the VIX index is up about 157% in the space of a week. We looked at the VIX back in March 2015, and came to the conclusion, due to practical methods of trading the VIX for Australian... Show More