Understanding the investing world is simple when there's less noise and one place to source the market insights you need.

Founded in 2013, Livewire brings together the market's most relevant and informed insights from leading fund managers and investment professionals to one platform. The content is now accessed by more than 120,000 highly-engaged investors and advisors.

From macroeconomics and market trends to stock-specific commentary and investment strategy. Every piece of content shared on Livewire offers real insights direct from the industry.

Livewire was recently named "one to watch" by KPMG on their 50 best FinTech innovators list. Geoff Wilson, the Chairman of Wilson Asset Management says "Livewire has revolutionised the distribution of high quality financial information in Australia."

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What our community is saying

Livewire is a new home for serious investors looking for relevant and informed insights. Less clutter, less noise and more of the information we need to understand the investing world.
Steve johnson

Steve Johnson

CIO, Forager Funds
Livewire has revolutionised the distribution of high quality financial information in Australia.
Geoff wilson

Geoff Wilson

Chairman, Wilson Asset Management

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