What is Livewire?
Livewire is Australia’s first social media platform for investors and market professionals. It brings together leading financial companies and commentators on a single platform where they can share insights and discuss what's happening in the markets. After launching in 2013, Livewire’s audience is now the fastest growing investor community in Australia.
Do I need to join to view the content?
Yes. Livewire is made up of real people and companies using their real names. Each new user must join and have their identity authenticated through LinkedIn or company email, which ensures the information and perspectives being shared are transparent and credible.
How can I access Livewire content?
You can access Livewire anytime, anywhere from your desktop or mobile device. Connect via the Livewire website, mobile site, daily newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.
What is a Wire?
Livewire runs on small digestible bytes of information called Wires. Each wire is 180 words or less, allowing you to grasp a whole news story at a glance, with the option to click through for the full article or video if required.
Can anyone contribute directly to Livewire?
To ensure Livewire is thriving with high quality and credible content, only our hand-selected contributors can publish directly to the network. As an approved Livewire Member you can read and discuss the content as it breaks, and we encourage you to share your own news and insights with the community via our Livewire editors.
Who contributes to Livewire?
Livewire has over 100 hand-selected contributors from the funds management, stockbroking, research and wealth management industries sharing insights and commentary on the platform every day.
If you are a leading fund manager, broker or research provider and want to engage directly with investors, contact us today about becoming a Livewire contributor.
Who is in the Livewire audience?
The Livewire is the new home for serious investors. The community is made up of fund managers, stockbrokers, wealth managers, advisors, research analysts, journalists, investment bankers, CEO's, company directors, politicians, high net-worth and self-directed investors.
How do I track the most popular content?
Check the Trending tab on the top of your newsfeed to see the most popular wires for the day. You can also setup customised alerts and subscribe to the "Trending on Livewire" daily email.
How do I customise my content?
First decide on which contributors, companies and keywords you want to follow and add them to your ‘alerts’ but simply pressing the ‘alert’ button on one of their wires. Alternatively go to the ‘manage alerts’ page to setup on-site and email alerts to ensure you never miss the most important updates.
If you are unsure of which contributors to follow, a good way to start is by using the "Latest" and "Trending" tabs on top of the newsfeed. At any point in time, use the "Hide" function to filter content that isn't relevant to you and before long you will have a perfectly curated newsfeed.