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In Australia there are 2.3m businesses. However, there are only 23 companies that existed before 1900, that still exist today.


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Dylan Jobson

Great Read..

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Mr T

a good read indeed. in recent times (say 5yrs), ppt has indeed been kind to investors below 40 bucks. but - like btt - it is a leveraged bet on the direction of markets and investors should bear this in mind prior to pulling the trigger.

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David Bryce

Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!

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Carlos Cobelas

sounds very impressive although let's not forget that $10K would have been a HUGE amount of money in 1976.

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Allan Thomas

Very good piece. I'll buy some PPT tomorrow!

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Chris Black

Thanks for comments everyone - agree $10k in adjusted PV terms is significant - i must stress however to all as disclosed always do your own research or get advice before making any decisions.

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