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Afternoon report and something to ponder... In the last month there were 130k new jobs created in the private sector in the US.$85bn pumped into the system and 130,000 jobs. Works out at a whopping $654K per job. Well done Ben. Looks like it's working a more on (VIEW LINK)

Jordan Eliseo

Interesting comment James - i can remember that happening when the NASDAQ bubbling along 13 years - the more things change the more they stay the same hey. Henry - you've to think long term - $654k per job is nothing - they'll mostly be part time earning $30k a year - will pay themselves off in no time :-)

James Marlay

Now you are just being cynical Henry!!

Henry Jennings

Why $85bn..why not round it up to $100bn ..would work more betterer..wouldnt it!

James Marlay

Good report today Henry, tech stocks definitely bubbling. Starting to see tech stocks backing into resource shells....