Beacon Lighting Group Ltd - ASX:BLX listed today at 11:00am, offered to investors at 0.66 issue price, opened at 1.05 (60%)!

Chris Titley

James, was priced 12.4x at 66c. Obviously the market wants to price it somewhere near a dominos (dmp) type multiple.

Morgans Financial Limited

Kind of you to say so Matt. We're glad you liked it.

Matt Felsman

What a great day to list, the market is up 44 points breaking a 5 day losing streak. Let's see how the price looks at 4:10pm.

Matt Felsman

That's how you do a raising!

Canaccord Colts

That's a great result. The market is clearly still hungry for mid-cap, conservatively managed growth stories.

James Marlay

That was was always expected to go well, but I didn't think it would run as hard as it has. Is that reflective of a lack of supply or could the pricing have been a bit sharper?

James Marlay

It's great to see a good result, couple this with the DJS bid and there are some pretty bullish signs. I just was a little surprised to see such a strong reaction after a number of pretty soft/muted floats at the end of 2013.