On an all-time high..we'll take on the world and win

Henry Jennings

On an all-time high..we'll take on the world and win! 16,000 on the Dow..historic day as it closes at the all-time high. Go Fed! Mission accomplished....Uncle Ben can go out on a high and leave that horrible Tapering stuff to Janet..and after four down days on our market its time to snap back. Although I would expect only a modest rise back above 5300 maybe up 25-30 tops...Uncle Fester (Glenn) did his bit yesterday to get the Aussie dollar down as he talked about direct currency intervention..below 92 cents and a 2 ½ month low.....trouble is the fall in the dollar is coming too late to salvage business as most of it has taken such a big hit it is either gone or teethering!!Read more on (VIEW LINK)

Henry Jennings

Henry started in financial markets in London in the 80s as an option trader before coming to Sydney and spending 7 years at Macquarie Bank including a stint running equity derivatives and cash trading.For the last few years he has been a private...


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