Overseas markets offer better opportunities to investment in cleantech and renewable energy. Australia is simply too hard. The Fifth Estate picked up our comments on the situation here in Australia and we offered up some ideas on where the good opportunities are overseas. For example, dealing with China's pollution is an enormous opportunity and there are lots of ways of playing this through liquid and credible companies. (VIEW LINK)

Nathan Lim

Financing for more mature technologies like solar and wind is much less of a problem as evidenced in European and US markets. Australia suffers from a very unstable policy environment that's makes long term commitments an impossibility. In this context, early stage technologies face even higher hurdles regardless of the availability of resources.

James Marlay

With the funding issue faced for cleantech in Australia I really would have thought many of these industries such as Geothermal, Solar etc should be looking at aggregation of resources. There simply isn't enough Govt or Private sector support for these projects to operate individually.