Sell in May? One chart really spells it out. As everyone knows the market is about to enter what has historically been the weakest half of the year. This chart illustrates that investing in the S&P 500 during the six months of November through and including April accounted for the majority of S&P 500 gains since 1950 (see blue line). While the May through October period has seen mild gains during major bull markets (i.e. 1950-56 & 1982-97), the overall subpar performance during the months of May through October is noteworthy. Hence the saying, sell in May and walk away. (VIEW LINK)

Chris Weston

these figures are over the last decade

Chris Weston

In Australia the ASX 200 has lost an average of 1.8% in May, with November behind at -0.7%. The financials are where we see the most pain, with an average loss of 3.6% (last two years the sector has been smashed though)..materials somewhat of a safe haven, with an average gain of +0.3%

Tom McKay

It looks like financials may extend those numbers further this year...