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The Good Doctor devulge's all over a few frosty ones in The Shed. Dr Alex Cowie, of Diggers and Drillers fame - 18,000 paid subscribers, delivered some of his tried & tested tidbits when one is writing content on LW. Hot to trot is the Headline, only the first 20 words are visible on the front page, so make it 'look at me, look at me'. Readability (including spelling): Google 'Flesch Kincaid' and install in Word, it could increase your readership by 60%. Be passive i.e. this post will go viral. Time sensitivity: using a date keeps your wire accurate over time. Give value: no moaning. Talk to the reader, there is no We, I or me - it's all about you. Final advice: a strong finish, leave the reader with something to think about... Beat this post's FK rating - shouldn't be difficult.


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Canaccord Colts

Cheers Simon! Hey it's active not passive that you want.

Simon Cheatham

Thanks Doc, noted.

Simon Cheatham

I'm on a Mac, says a perfect score - 9. Though I think on a PC it may be more like 7.3;)

James Marlay

What is your score Cheats?