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In the first edition of Livewire’s new podcast, The Rules of Investing, we take a deep dive into one of the most important concepts in investing, valuation. Our guest this week is Roger Montgomery, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management.

You could say that he ‘wrote the book’ on valuation; Value.Able. In this wide-ranging interview, hosted by Livewire Editor, Patrick Poke, we discuss the different approaches to valuation, how to quantify risk, and how he uses artificial intelligence to improve investment processes. Don’t miss our regular questions at the end, where he tells us which stock he’d own if the market was closed for five years. At a bit under 30 minutes long, it’s a great listen for the car, the train, or while you’re in the garden this weekend.


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Excellent podcast. In future casts, perhaps interesting links to the topics could be placed on the page as well.

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Roger Montgomery

Thanks for listening K A.

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Patrick Poke

Thanks for listening and for the feedback K A. We'll definitely look to add more accompanying content with the podcast over time.

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Great podcast - is there a transcript?

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