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Henry Jennings

'Twas the night before Taper -when all through the house -Not a creature was stirring -not even a the Dow!Well yesterday we got the bad news from GI Joe with his JOEYFO...looks like he will have to cancel the biscuits...good to see the blame game for the deficit and the budget blowout ......and good to see they found a job for Sophie Mirabella...and there was me thinking that I would never see her again on Q&A which would have been a shame indeed....not sure what these idiots in Canberra take us for but after 100 days I think we are all singularly unimpressed...they all seem to be as bad as each still the cuts are coming...austerity ...its coming to a service near you..of course raising taxes seems to be out of the question and paid parental leave will survive even if schools, hospitals and the NDIS .Read more at (VIEW LINK)


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