Better days ahead for banking

Peter Wilmshurst

The global banking sector has been undervalued since the financial crisis. However central banks are starting to increase rates and this should be positive for the sector as it will enable banks to make money out of the liability side of their balance sheet. It is hard to make any... Show More

A look at Metro Bank and the UK banking industry

Nathan Bell

Metro Bank is the new kid on a UK retail banking scene plagued with customers fed up by lousy treatment from the largely unchallenged oligopoly of Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. We take a look into why Metro is great and the industry it operates in. Show More

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Barclays: Three reasons to not sell in May

Livewire News

The old adage in the financial markets is to ‘sell in May and go away’, and many investors still listen to this advice. However, Barclays has three reasons why you should hold on to your stocks this summer. First off, while summer returns tend to be lower than other periods,... Show More

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