The Importance of Corporate Culture in Investing

Ben Rundle

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has been in a structural growth phase for some years now. A report by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) notes that 81% of the largest super funds have now embedded a formal commitment to responsible investment, up from 70% in 2016. Additional research... Show More

Is there a correction on the horizon?

Magellan Asset Management

Risks are elevated and investors are nervous, so we sat down with Hamish Douglass, CEO and CIO, to revisit his previous warning of a significant market correction. We get his thoughts on how he views the various scenarios playing out and what the likely impact could be on markets. You... Show More

Asaleo Care – can boring be attractive?

Dr. Suhas Nayak

Over the last year, we have noticed a market with two segments. In one segment, stocks that show or just promise growth have been disproportionately rewarded, while the other ‘boring’ segment has discounted stocks that have less exciting, declining or uncertain prospects. It should come as no surprise, then, that... Show More


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Kevin Ghazi

It still looks expensive at current prices. Didn't Allan Gray pick up more shares days before the downgrade? (change in notice issued to the market the day before on the ASX)

Our Analysts' Buy-Rated Stocks

Bell Potter

After examining all of our analysts’ buy-rated stocks with a market capitalisation above $1.0 billion, we have identified ten of them which we particularly like over the next 12 months or so for private clients. Show More

In Focus: Aitken Investment Management

Charlie Aitken

We’re undergoing a period of rapid change. In a world where technology makes up 20% of the MSCI World Index, investors’ portfolios should reflect the future, not the past. This means looking beyond the ASX 200, where technology has a weighting close to zero. Show More

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Thomas Nielsen

I remember Charlie saying his fund had a sizeable holding in Aristocrat on Sky Business late last year. Hopefully he held out on that! Stayed flat while everything charged higher last ye [...]

A crucial piece in stock evaluation...

Karl Siegling

In this 12-part Cadence Investing Series, we discuss several aspects of the investment process and how it actually works in practice. Topics covered include market psychology and fundamental analysis, and aim to provide the reader with a first-hand view of how financial theory stacks up in real world situations. Show More


The Long View: Investing Through Adversity

Paul Hennessy

My colleague Tim Armour has shown how markets periodically experience corrections that are part of the investment environment. Recent volatility has been jarring but the global economy is largely supportive of corporate earnings and markets. History highlights the paramount importance of staying invested through volatile economic periods to provide long-term... Show More

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James Marlay

some cracking charts in here...

Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“New coal is a bad idea for New South Wales – coal needs to run most of the time to be economic, but the market needs flexibility, not baseload” Mark Collette, Executive Energy, Energy Australia Show More


Two stocks to watch this reporting season

Emanuel Datt

With reporting season fast approaching we highlight two companies whose results we will be watching closely: Afterpay Touch and Mineral Resources. We outline what we will be looking for in their reports to see if their incredible performance can continue. Show More


Will Telstra’s new strategy turn its fortunes around?

Tim Kelley

Following on from my post about seeing value in Telstra, now that the much-anticipated Telstra2022 strategy is in the market, we like the new direction, and sense that TLS’s share price plunge may be coming to an end. Show More

ASX:TLS Australian value investing

There's a storm coming

Brett Gillespie

In “The Second Machine Age”, Eric Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee from MIT, chronologise how quickly technology is changing the world, and posit what the world might look like in the future. "Most fear that technology will replace most jobs. But the analogue and prediction I found most interesting was that... Show More

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Calima - major progress in the highly prospective Montney

Mark Gordon

With a fully permitted three well drilling programme expected to commence in December this year, Calima is set to realise significant value from its 100% held liquids rich acreage in the Montney Formation of British Columbia. Calima has made considerable progress since our October 2017 initiation report, and we have... Show More

Will falling house prices trigger the next Aussie recession?

Stephen Koukoulas

House prices are falling, auction clearance rates continue to drop and there is a such sharp lift in the number of properties for sale that, for the moment, no one is willing to buy at the given asking price. Show More

residential property australian economy Australian housing

How to identify a sustainable dividend

Livewire Exclusive

For the income-focussed equity investor, there are few things that strike fear into the heart more than a dividend cut. The capital losses alone can destroy years of income, and that’s before you even consider the reduced dividend stream. Telstra has fallen nearly 30% since announcing its dividend cut in... Show More

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Strategic Retreat?

David Bassanese

The key highlight across global markets last week was the fact that Wall Street simply shrugged in the face of an escalation of the trade wars. As noted last week, Wall Street rallied on the day America’s first instalment of tariffs on $US50 billion of Chinese imports came into effect,... Show More

The market’s most disruptive innovations

Livewire Exclusive

Amazon is set to potentially become the first ‘trillion dollar company’. Catherine Wood, CEO and CIO at New York-based ARK Investment Management (ARK), discusses how Amazon got to this point, and which companies have the potential to be true leaders of today’s main ‘innovation platforms’. Show More

2018: An SAA Odyssey

Kapstream Capital

April nineteen sixty eight. Fifty years ago. It was perhaps the first mainstream introduction to fictional Artificial Intelligence (AI) when we met ‘HAL 9000’, the supercomputer controlling the spacecraft Discovery in Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s confounding sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey. HAL was an early exercise in... Show More

fixed income asset allocation SAA


A risky market comes of age

Livewire Exclusive

Once upon a time, the high yield bond market was for speculative companies and investors. Today, the market is where Virgin, Netflix and Hertz raise capital from institutional investors. In this short interview, Vivek Bommi from Neuberger Berman discusses how perception is still catching up with reality in this fast... Show More

Are the big banks about to raise mortgage rates?

Stuart Jackson

While you may not follow movements in the bank bill swap rate (BBSW), right now they are worth paying attention to. You see, rates are on the rise. And that means the funding costs for our major banks are also going up. This could force them to raise mortgage rates... Show More

In Focus: Jamieson Coote Bonds

Charlie Jamieson

Jamieson Coote Bonds (JCB) is an active manager of high-grade bonds specialising in duration management and security selection. JCB's investment process involves deep macro and technical analysis, investment execution and risk management to defend and protect portfolios over time. Show More

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