Nothing terribly wrong

Marcus Padley

I run a fund. The recent 13.2% fall in the ASX 200 has caused us all to do some hard thinking. You have to decide, is this the start of a long bear market, or is it an opportunity? Whilst clearly talking my own book as a fund manager, I... Show More

Macau casinos - overshot?

PM Capital

Like many companies exposed to China, the share prices Macau casinos like Sands China, MGM China and Wynn Resorts have been volatile. Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager, Asian Strategies, recently travelled to Hong Kong and Macau and reports that the industry structure is improving and valuations look attractive for long term... Show More

Half the price of Healthscope

Livewire Exclusive

30 years ago, private equity was uncrowded, and less competition meant better deals. Intense competition today means higher valuations, leading to a lower margin of safety. Adrian Warner, Managing Director and CIO of Avenir Capital argues here that public equity markets now offer better pricing opportunities. Show More

The dividend gems the market forgot

Livewire Exclusive

Income investors relying on ASX blue-chips have been under increasing pressure. However, another source of income has returned to the top end of the market. Speaking at a recent event held by IRESS and Livewire, Peter Gardner from Plato Investment Management identified a long-absent income opportunity back on the menu. Show More

3 compelling industries over the next decade

Amit Lodha

With 2020 just 13 months away, now is a great time to take a step back and think about the long-term. 10 years ago, the top 10 companies in the world were dominated by energy and Chinese companies. Today, seven of the top 10 companies are technology companies. In this... Show More

Avatar fallback

James M

I'm interesting to know why you think Google would split Waymo out to a different business and how you think that would work? Are you suggesting a separate listing or separate private ho [...]

The Regulator Strikes Back

Hugh Dive

Over the course of 2018, the Royal Commission into Financial Services has provided numerous examples of the conflicts of interest inherent to the vertically integrated model of financial advice. In this model, the financial adviser is often incentivised to direct their client's savings onto an investment platform and then invest... Show More

Time to reflect on a crazy week

Sean Callow

It has certainly been a volatile week, with an overload of information both locally and globally for markets to digest. Markets remained in a risk-averse mood, and equities have fallen sharply. The Aussie dollar has also underperformed, being the weakest G10 currency this week. Show More

The Fund Manager Performance Fiasco Explained

Dr Jerome Lander

Almost universally weak performance of fund managers over the last two months has left many advisers and their investors in shocked disbelief, or hiding under their sheets unwisely hoping for a change in market conditions. It has been almost impossible for those with active manager portfolios to avoid at least... Show More

Avatar fallback

John Denham

What we need now is an update on the Canstar website with 1 month/3 month performance figures as the current list showing 5 year performance will highlight the biggest risk takers. We w [...]