Asset Allocation
Jay Kumar

In this month’s Cross Asset Review produced by Foresight Analytics, we look at the outperformance of domestic assets despite loses in global equity markets and rising uncertainty around global economic outlook. Gold, Bond assets and Bond proxies (AREIT/GREIT) also outperformed as investors sought exposure to safety assets. A weaker AUD relative to the major... Show More

Christopher Joye

We were the first to publicly canvass the near-term possibility of Aussie QE (actually, it was one our investors who encouraged us to dig into this), and an increasingly intense debate on the subject has since been unleashed with CBA publishing no less than 3 reports on QE within about... Show More

Lachlan Davis

The genesis of eSportseSports can trace its roots back as far as October 1972 at Stanford University where players were invited to compete in a space combat game called Spacewar. In the 1980’s Atari and Nintendo held various public video game competitions including Space Invaders, Pac Man and Donkey Kong.... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Early this week the local market soared to register the highest close since late 2007 before some consolidation played out at the back end of the week. Today was similar to yesterday with the market trading in a fairly tight range, ultimately ticking around par before closing slightly higher. Asian... Show More

Fund Manager Q&A

"As soon as you start to get comfortable in a particular stock or company, we're generally selling and finding the next uncomfortable thing to own." That’s the contrarian nature that exists at Allan Gray and is reinforced by their fund managers. In the latest instalment of our Fund Manager Q&A,... Show More

Brett Gillespie

On the 5th of May, the NY Times published this story; Professors in 179 Colleges and Other Leaders Assail Rise in Rates as Harmful to Country and Sure to Bring Reprisals. The article quotes from a letter signed by 1028 economists across America urging the President not to proceed with... Show More


The most-shorted stocks on the ASX have long been a hunting ground for investors and traders alike. Whether you're looking for potential "short squeeze" rallies, oversold contrarian gems, or stocks to sell or short for yourself, stocks with a high short interest can provide bountiful ideas for further research. The... Show More