Patrick Poke

Last time we heard from Wilson Asset Management's Lead Portfolio Managers, the mood was decidedly bearish. We were in the midst of a correction, and they, like many others, were questioning whether it was ‘the big one’. Fast forward six months, and the mood has picked up. What’s changed? According... Show More

Patrick Poke

Australian economy grows just 0.2% in Q4 and enters ‘GDP-per-person recession’ as auto sales crash; new study by S&P shows that investors are still being ‘fooled by randomness’, nearly 20 years after Nassim Nicholas Taleb first warned against it; and $US1.3 trillion asset manager, Legal & General, says quarterly earnings... Show More

Asset Allocation
Tim Johnston

Fourth quarter 2018 saw the market essentially pricing in a recession via a strong risk-off sell down; economically sensitive (cyclical and financial) stocks were hit hard. In the case of financials, there were additional concerns due to negative sentiment associated with the Financial Services Royal Commission. Not surprising, expectations from... Show More

James Gerrish

The market was strong early however showed some signs of weakness again during the middle part of the day before a late flurry in the last 20mins saw the index close higher. The Chinese market was strong today adding more than 3% while the rest of Asia tracked higher, although... Show More

Hugh Dive

In each semi-annual reporting season, there are a few dates in the calendar that a fund manager will have circled either with pleasure or trepidation, either due to the expectation of a very good result or the fear that unpleasant issues will be uncovered. In February 2019 two of those... Show More

Brad Potter

Interestingly this week we saw some new information coming out of China where they've stopped Australian imports of coal going into the Dalian port. We've known about the slowdown in processing of coal, particularly Australian coal in a number of other ports, so this new information was interesting and certainly... Show More

Alex Cowie

With markets more unpredictable than ever, I reached out to Hugh Dive at Atlas Funds to get his view of the year ahead. In this exclusive written Q&A, he shares three key considerations for investing in 2019, and one big risk investors are underpricing. Show More