Scott Shuttleworth

Buying undervalued stocks is traditionally the way investors seek to deliver returns over the long term. At Vega Capital, we utilise a differentiated way of looking at the markets in the United States and discuss it in today’s blog. There are two overarching algorithms we utilise, the first uses macroeconomic... Show More

Tim Boreham

Which of the ‘buy now, pay later’ providers offers the best value and upside for investors: Afterpay, Zip, or neither of the above..?The rise of Afterpay (APT, $24.80) from obscurity to a circa $6 billion market cap entity has been widely documented, but less so Zip’s emergence from a... Show More

Fixed Income
Christopher Joye

Today I argue that while Labor have given ScoMo a shot of winning the election with its shocking recent mis-steps and its bizarre tax-everything-that-moves-platform, the media coverage and political analysis has never been more biased in all likelihood because those inside the beltway fervently believe that ScoMo does not have... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Like most assets classes, the property market moves in cycles and with that comes periods of boom and bust. Tim Johansen, Managing Director – Real Estate Finance at Qualitas, says the pull back in property markets is providing a necessary detox after a period of excess and exuberance. “When you have... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Surprisingly resilient day was seen on the local market today, once again held up by the banks. Resources took a hit though with the iron ore names finally coming off substantially all on the back of some better news from Vale. For those that missed it, Vale got the go... Show More

Alex Cowie

With the Easter and Anzac period upon us, for some holiday reading, we’ve rounded up and summarised a baker’s dozen of the top wires of 2019 so far, including some of the most popular stock ideas, fundie interviews and big picture wires. 3 unmissable fundie interviews If you missed it, in... Show More