IPO Watch: Coles

Hugh Dive

In March Wesfarmers announced their intention to demerge Coles into a new separately listed company, with the new company expected to list on the ASX next Wednesday. Existing Wesfarmers shareholders will receive 1 share of Coles for every Wesfarmers share they own and the parent company will retain a 15%... Show More

Economic updates for Australia look positive

Sean Callow

Equities had a poor run this week, and Australian equities underperformed the Asian region, but nonetheless, the AUD moved towards 3 months highs as we saw an important week of economic updates for the domestic economy, which all in all were upbeat. The Aussie dollar was also helped by more... Show More

When looks can be deceiving

Andrew Macken

As happens four times per year in global equity markets, publicly-listed companies recently reported their results for the third calendar quarter of 2018. This is not only an enormous undertaking for the disclosing businesses, it is also a busy time for equity analysts and fundamental investors who carefully dissect disclosures... Show More

Golden age of banking is over: A response to feedback

Michael Wayne

In the last couple of days, I have received a number of responses from clients and readers regarding our article ‘The golden age of banking is over’. Given the connection some investors have with banks shares this was to be expected and I’ll take some time in an attempt to... Show More

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Elizabeth Geyer

Thank you for this. I wonder how different the US banks are, given Warren Buffett has just bought heavily into banks.

Medium screen shot 2018 03 22 at 10.27.49 am

Michael Wayne

Hi Elizabeth, you make a good observation. I feel the landscape for US banks and Australian banks differs at the moment. Although the US banks haven't shot the lights out over the last 1 [...]

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jack Upton

Banks write their own interest rates - banks reducing staff - banks closing out branches - banks retreating to major centres - banks disposing of low-performing assets - banks re-orienti [...]

Australian interest rates: the next move is probably down

Chris Bedingfield

Our view is non-consensus, and we’re okay with that. For the most part, the economic consensus in Australia is that the next interest rate move will be up. The current debate centres on when this move will occur, with the more dovish commentators suggesting we may have to wait until... Show More

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Robert Goodwin

So apparently we need to reduce rates further to help the overleveraged borrowers (in Sydney and Melbourne) in there overpriced houses. Just keep reducing rates eventually to zero.? What [...]

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Surely the RBA has to be cautious in reducing rates just because house prices are giving back a small fraction of the gains they have accrued over the past 3 decades. It's pretty clear [...]