Jay Kumar

Key insights Global emerging markets have provided very strong returns for long term investors. However, investors have to be prepared to accept higher volatility over shorter periods of 3 years and less. Significant performance dispersions across regions, countries, sectors and styles factors provide substantial opportunities for active managers. Smart-beta or factor strategies have delivered... Show More

Shane Oliver

The week ahead in Australia will no doubt be dominated – at least for those not more enthralled by Eurovision - by the outcome of the election which has seen the Coalition returned probably with a majority or as a minority.While there will no doubt be much debate about the... Show More

Charlie Aitken

I’m writing to you from New York following a week of meetings with companies, investment banks, analysts, strategists, fund managers and executives.The timing of the trip coincided with a bout of heavy volatility breaking out on Wall Street, largely as a result of the trade dispute. It’s helpful to be... Show More

Fixed Income
Christopher Joye

Today I argue that Australia is behaving like the indulgent and entitled child of a billionaire, quote my own 8 year old's analysis of what the two political parties have to offer (even I was surprised), and explain why we are not residential-mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) haters and arguably one of... Show More

Stuart Jackson

Australia’s four major banks have now reported their interim results. Common to all of them were three key themes, which are presenting both challenges and opportunities. Generating any revenue growth is becoming increasingly challenging Once one-off remediation and profits on sale of businesses are stripped out, revenue growth for Australia New Zealand... Show More

Vince Pezzullo

Over the past 18 months, we have demonstrated a higher allocation to large cap Australian securities in line with the view that in many cases large cap stocks currently represent better value relative to small or mid cap stocks. Small and mid-cap stocks have rallied considerably, and we believe... Show More