Wilson Asset Management weekly: Seven Group Holdings and Qantas

Chris Stott
Chris Stott Wilson Asset Management

As reporting season comes to a close, with almost 85% of companies now having reported, the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index closed up 1.8% for the week. Over 200 companies reported their results this week, representing 21% of the top 200 and 50% of listed small-cap companies. Overall, it has... Show More


FNArena Reporting Season Monitor: Week 3 - February 2018

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Welcome to the FNArena Reporting Season Monitor for the February result season 2018. The Monitor reports ratings and consensus price target changes, along with brief summaries of the collective responses, from FNArena database brokers for each of the 300+ stocks. Week 3 is now available below with 216 stocks now... Show More

ASX:CWN ASX:FLT ASX:BKL ASX:ING february 2018 reporting season

The Rules of Investing: Finding opportunities in unusual places

Livewire Exclusive

We all know that big caps are growth-constrained and mid and small caps are where you find the real opportunities in the market. For example, a2 Milk has seen its share price jump more than 20 times in three years to give it an $8 billion market cap, taking it... Show More

ellerston capital mid cap Podcast ASX:EGI

The danger in expensive defensives

Charlie Aitken
Charlie Aitken Aitken Investment Management (AIM)

After a short period of relative calm, it appears rising global bond yields, led by US Treasuries, are going to again prove a headwind to certain “defensive” parts of equity markets. Show More


Myer’s Misery, Game-Changing Self-Driving Cars, Buffett and Munger Hate Bitcoin

Kent Kwan
Kent Kwan AtlasTrend

Find out how Myer’s struggle to stay afloat, the far-reaching impact of self-driving cars, and Buffett hating Bitcoin could affect you and your investments. Show More

See what The CEO's thought of Tourism, Vitamins and Commercial Property this week

NAOS Asset Management
NAOS Asset Management Listed Investment Companies (LICs) ASX: NCC, ASX: NAC, ASX: NSC

“Currently less than 10% of Chinese nationals actually hold a passport, and that's a population of 1.3 billion. The opportunity for tourism in New South Wales and Australia is massive” Geoff Culbert, CEO, Sydney Airport Show More

RBA, not inert supply, blew housing bubble

Christopher Joye
Christopher Joye Smarter Money Investments/Coolabah Capital Investments

In my AFR column I explain why the RBA, not housing supply as governor Philip Lowe conveniently argues, was responsible for blowing the great Aussie housing bubble and what assets currently look cheap in a world where most remain dear (click on that link to read for free or AFR... Show More

rba housing bubble

Significant pipeline of IPO opportunities coming?

David Poppenbeek
David Poppenbeek K2 Asset Management

Despite the prevailing conditions, it is our view that the Australian small business landscape is adapting to the rationing of bank capital. Remarkably, last year there were more than 250,000 new Australian businesses formed, and there are now over 2.5 million Australian registered companies. Show More


Spirit Telecom - the silver lining on NBN's cloud

Dean Fergie
Dean Fergie Cyan Investment Management

Spirit Telecom appears to be emerging as a major beneficiary of the NBN's underwhelming high-speed internet deployment. As professional investors, we're always looking for an angle to make a dollar. And one company's misstep is often another's opportunity. Show More

nbn Cyan Investment Management ASX:ST1

Glencore chief feeds copper bulls with talk of ‘massive under-investment’ in new mines

Barry FitzGerald
Barry FitzGerald Independent Journalist

Ivan Glasenberg fuels talk the copper price could be set for another leg-up, contrasting forecast growth in demand with a chronic lack of investment in new supply. Plus, Piedmont looks to tap into US auto industry with made-in-America lithium and Kirkland’s Fosterville on track to be Australia’s best gold mine. Show More

gold copper glencore lithium glasenberg ASX:PLL ASX:KLA

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks in the hottest sector right now

Livewire Exclusive

The healthcare sector recorded a total gain of 24.4% in 2017, making it the single best performing sector on the ASX. Not even two months into 2018, and it is already a solid 10% ahead of the wider market. Yesterday's half-billion dollar takeover for Viralytics - at a 175% premium... Show More


15 cracking quotes from Kerr Neilson

James Marlay
James Marlay Livewire Markets

Today Kerr Neilson has announced his intention to step back as CEO of Platinum Asset Management. Platinum is the very definition of active management and was a pioneer for international investing. To this day Neilson remains one of the most respected and revered investors by his clients and peers. Show More


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Michael Dorrough

To one of the most decent, respected and great minds in finance thank you for setting such an extraordinary standard and for your excellent performance and communication over your career [...]

What Mattered Today; The travel stocks take flight

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

The ASX was strong in early trade today before some selling kicked in and we traded down ~20pts from the highs, however when considering that S&P Futures in the US were trading -0.32% during our afternoon, we fared well in a relative sense. A similar story played out yesterday, and... Show More

Much more growth ahead for Afterpay

Graeme Carson
Graeme Carson Cyan Investment Management

The key information in today's result from Afterpay is the remarkable growth numbers. The velocity of this growth is evident when you compare the numbers in this result to just 12 months ago. Show More

ASX:APT What the market missed

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Big Kevin

Definitely still has huge growth potential. Especially when non-millenials start getting involved and it becomes more commonly used for larger purchases (eg: flights with jetstar partner [...]

Medium screenshot 2017 10 24 07 34 43 1

Rodney Forrest

Great article - excellent point on Working Capital. My preference however is Z1P (Zip Co). It is 400% cheaper to APT in ratio of market cap / vendor count. Future is bright for both APT [...]

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Chris Koureas

Bad debts are 40% of revenue. The business model is not as great as this reports states it is.

Is this the calm before the storm?

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

Over the last 24 hours a lot of air play has been given to an article by US powerhouse Morgan Stanley saying “The stock slide was an appetizer for the real deal” certainly a title to scare many investors. The crux of their thought process is the looming damage that... Show More

Pricing growth: Why simple doesn't work

Alex Pollak
Alex Pollak Loftus Peak

In the twelve months to Monday of this week, the S&P500 index is up 15.02%, while Alibaba is up 80%, Google is up 29.3%, Amazon is up 71% and Apple is up 24%. By contrast, Exxon is down 5.6%, Coke is up 7.6% and General Motors is up 11%. To... Show More


The ideal opportunity to build exposure in Fortescue

David Coates
David Coates Bell Potter

Much of the market seemed to be spooked by the material drop in profitability vs the pcp. This shouldn’t have been unexpected and the key metrics of Revenue, EBITDA and NPAT were all basically in-line or ahead of both our forecasts and consensus – from that point of view it... Show More

ASX:FMG What the market missed

The one Australian stock that makes our grade

Livewire Exclusive

An incredible 28 billion litres of spirits are consumed around the world each year. Of this, a mere 22% is produced by recognised distillers; the vast majority is made up by the Chinese spirit baijiu, local products, and moonshine. Show More

ASX:TWE nick griffin Munro Partners

What Mattered Today; A2 Milk whacks it out of the park!

James Gerrish
James Gerrish Market Matters / Shaw and Partners

Almost a mirror image of yesterday’s trading day today with the market following the overseas lead lower early, before buyers stepped in with the market bouncing in and out of positive territory throughout the afternoon. Reporting once again dominated today, it was Aussie investors first opportunity at BHP after their... Show More


Emerging winners from the electric vehicle megatrend

Julian Babarczy
Julian Babarczy Regal Funds Management

While there are no Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, Australia has a number of companies that participate in the most exciting part of the supply chain where I believe the bulk of value will likely accrue through the cycle. Show More

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Patrick Fresne

Julian, there is one electric vehicle manufacturer listed on the Australian stock exchange:the electric scooter manufacturer and distributor, Vmoto (VMT).

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John Guli

Thanks Julian, on top of that great analysis lets not forget the players in the EVSE Industry which are also set to benefit from this "EV Megatrend". Rectifier Technologies (ASX:RFT), t [...]

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Frank Catlin

I was surprised you did not choose GXY or ORE for lithium and COB for cobalt. Another likely beneficiary is LPD in the lithium refining area.