Wilson Asset Management weekly: Origin Energy and SG Fleet results

Chris Stott
Chris Stott Wilson Asset Management

As reporting season continues this week we have seen many companies provide conservative outlook statements for the year ahead, confirming a backdrop of moderate earnings growth. Among the themes to emerge is companies reinvesting into their businesses to drive growth in a relatively anaemic economic environment. In this week's report... Show More

Sunset Strip > Trading Day Wrap From Blue Ocean 20170818

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market recovered to finish a better than expected negative day after substantially weak lead from US market. Global markets were rattled by the terror attacks in Spain while US market was worried that Gary Cohn may follow the CEO walkout from US president’s leadership groups. Global economies are showing... Show More

How to assess a company result in 5 minutes

Chris Stott
Chris Stott Wilson Asset Management

Reporting season can be extremely busy with anywhere from 20 to 50 companies reporting on any single day, so for investors it is critical to manage their time efficiently and prioritise what factors to consider in a company’s results announcement. We spend up to five minutes going through each result... Show More

CEO Insights from Steven Lowy, Peter Coleman & Francisco Irazusta

NAOS Asset Management
NAOS Asset Management Listed Investment Companies (LICs) ASX: NCC, ASX: NAC

“The retail industry is changing rapidly, due to technological and social changes. With an elevated level of store closures, largely amongst underperforming brands that have lost relevance with the consumer" Steven Lowy, Co-CEO, Westfield Corporation Show More

Westpac weekly markets video

Sean Callow
Sean Callow Westpac Bank

FX, bond and equity markets have been volatile this week, with the US dollar boosted by strong data and Fed commentary, only to reverse amid US political turmoil. In Westpac's brief weekly video, I discuss how the Aussie dollar has navigated this turbulence, including Australia's wages and jobs data and... Show More

It's just one bad week in a bull market

Marcus Padley
Marcus Padley Marcus Today

As usual with a big fall you can analyse the overnight news and debate whether the drop is warranted, but when it comes to a free market that rides on sentiment the answer is not whether the market should fall 274 points because the National Economic Council director is going... Show More

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Graeme Holbeach

A lot of common sense here. Only other comment I'd make is that if one is looking at a chart for sentiment, it pays to know what part of the market the chart is representing. The S&P 50 [...]

4 outstanding results this week

Livewire Exclusive

Telstra's plunge stole the limelight this week, but there was one telco at the smaller end that did well for investors. Read on for the results highlights of this stock, and for three other standouts, picked by Simon Shields, Monash Investors; Alex Shevelev, Forager Funds; Andrew Smith, Perennial Value, and... Show More

Renters and Owners Need Different Super Solutions

Christopher Joye
Christopher Joye Smarter Money Investments/Coolabah Capital Investments

In the AFR I argue that super funds need to radically overhaul their approach to asset-allocation by offering different options for renters and home owners, which have fundamentally different portfolio preferences given the way they are investing their wealth outside of super. The bottom line is that about half of... Show More

Medium cfaeebf8e4ec484a7a677e2b9426af2e1380496323

Jordan Eliseo

Interesting and thought provoking read Chris......i'd think a lots of the newer entrants to the super space could do this easier as they won't have the legacy tech issues.....definitely [...]

Medium c8e9ebbccb90d6d55b13b7ac2a21cbae1383028176

Graeme Holbeach

Interesting concept that is worth further exploration. However it wasn't mentioned in the article that the performance of markets from 1988 to now was probably a once in a life-time bond [...]

There is No Such Thing as the “Asian Consumer”

Dr. Mary Manning
Dr. Mary Manning Ellerston Asian Investments

The concept of the “Asian Consumer” has captured the attention of many investors. However, talking about the Asian Consumer as a homogenous group is misleading. A closer look at demographics, household income, urbanization, gender purchasing power and channel shift, shows that there are at least 10 different consumer groups within... Show More

Medium tiger


Very good article and follows a lot of my own thinking regarding investing In Asia and more particularly China. I have been singing the praises of Tencent and Baidu for a number of years [...]

Finding a diamond in the rough

Livewire Exclusive

On any measure, volatility has been at, or close to, record lows. But as Adrian Warner, CIO of Avenir Capital points out, volatility of individual stocks within the index can still be more than enough to present opportunities. Here he describes a 'diamond in the rough' which is now transforming... Show More

Sunset Strip afternoon trading wrap

Mathan Somasundaram
Mathan Somasundaram Blue Ocean Equities

Local market had a slide after flip flopping early in the day. Commodities bounce helped the miners after US Fed, ECB and BOE moved dovish. UK recovery in wages growth and historically low unemployment helps support the economy despite the high inflation and low currency. Show More

QBE Insurance Half Year Result: QBE profit jumps but emerging markets underperform

CommSec Online Stockbroker

QBE reported a statutory net profit after tax of US$345 million, an increase of 30% from US$265 million in the previous corresponding period (pcp). Cash profit after tax, also rose by 30% to US$374 million from $287 million in the pcp. Adjusted net profit after tax increased by 76% to... Show More

Wesfarmers Full Year Result: WES lifts profits thanks to Bunnings & coal business

CommSec Online Stockbroker

Wesfarmers (WES) posted a largely in-line with consensus 22.1% lift in annual profit (excluding significant items) to $2.73bn. The result was driven by a lift in earnings at its Bunnings stores and a return to profitability for its coal mining business, thanks to the surging price of the commodity. This... Show More

Has it ever been so risky to be safe?

Fidelity International
Fidelity International Fund Manager

In his recent investment letter, ‘There They Go Again…Again’, the legendary investor Howard Marks sounds a note of caution about the level of asset prices right across the spectrum, from equites to high yield notes and emerging market debt. He describes an environment where “pro-risk behaviour is commonplace.” Show More