Sticky fingers in many pies

Hugh Dive

The business of wealth management has been put under the microscope over the past month with the Royal Commission into the financial services industry. In March, the Commission focused on misdeeds in consumer lending and for the next two weeks in April it will be concerned with transgressions around financial... Show More


Strip AMP Apart, Unwind Byzantine Banks

Christopher Joye

In my AFR column I open-up with both barrels on vertically-integrated institutions (click on that link to read for free or AFR subs can click here for direct access). Excerpt enclosed: Show More

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The Rules of Investing: The Age of Longevity

Livewire Exclusive

This week we have our first overseas guest on The Rules of Investing, Jim Mellon. Jim is a billionaire investor, speaker, and co-author of 'Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity.' Show More

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Generating income from shares

Stephen Bruce

Traditionally, when seeking income, investors have turned to fixed income investments such as term deposits or bonds. However, persistently low-interest rates have seen investing in higher yielding stocks become an increasingly popular strategy for investors seeking to generate an income stream. Show More

dividends yield income investors tield traps yield traps

You better run, you better take cover

Brett Gillespie

September 27th, 1983. What comes to mind? What if I include the quote from Bob Hawke? “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum”. If you are over 45, you will know straight away. It was the day the yacht Australia II won the... Show More

Frankly, this is unfair

Clime Asset Management

There is no doubt that Australia’s franking system has lots of flaws. Today, we are one of the few countries in the world which maintains a franking system, and probably the only one that has cash rebates of franking. Show More

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An SMSF is a rich man's vehicle ???? This is not surprising as the Labor party has always been intent on group politics and disliking the individual. They have always tried to disgui [...]

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richard dobosz

Excellent one of the best i have read,,thank you

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Patrick Fresne

No rich journalists, Harry?. Warren Buffet might disagree.

The New Criterion: the real stock tapping the infant formula boom

Tim Boreham

Clover Corp has been a big winner from the China-led boom in infant formula, but by supplying a key ingredient rather than the end product. Meanwhile, other dairy suppliers have refused to follow the herd and are diversifying into goat’s milk. Show More

China small caps ASX:AHF ASX:CLV ASX:WHA ASX:BUB infant formula

Orion rises from the ashes; and a warm reception for First AU float

Barry FitzGerald

Orion Minerals’ counter-cyclical gamble on the abandoned Prieska zinc-copper mine in South Africa’s remote Northern Cape province back in 2015 has come up trumps on three fronts – a new resource confirmation, bumper metal prices, and dare we say it, the rise to power of a more mining friendly president... Show More

gold asx:orm first au

Investing In Oil Price Momentum, And Other Twists

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

It is a fact not often highlighted by investors in energy and mining stocks, but financial market participants tend to treat producers of crude oil and natural gas more favourably than they do mining stocks. Show More

ASX:BPT ASX:OSH ASX:STO ASX:WPL Energy investment strategy ASX:OIL

Buy Hold Sell: 5 quality growth stocks

Buy Hold Sell

It’s no secret that the real opportunities in recent years have been among the high-quality emerging midcap names rather than traditional big caps. These are often stocks with proven business models, led by quality management looking to expand into larger offshore markets. The challenge for investors is navigating the eye... Show More


What Mattered Today; BHP's quarterly production numbers - just okay

James Gerrish

The resource stocks were very strong today after big moves in underlying commodity prices overnight put the fire in the belly of buyers, particularly targeting Nickel stocks Western Areas (WSA) and Independence Group (IGO) which both added more than 7%, while the large caps in BHP and RIO roared around... Show More


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Strong BUY in resources is STO even with the Harbour bid which adds NO value to the Santos balance sheet. The offer should be rejected by any measure of future values to LNG etc. Santos [...]

Assessing the investment case for Imdex

Andrew Smith

Imdex (ASX:IMD) is a leading global mining equipment, technology and services company. Their solutions improve the process of identifying and extracting what is below the earth’s surface for drilling contractors and resource companies. Perennial holds Index shares in both its Smaller Companies Trust and Microcaps Opportunities Trust, in this video... Show More


Why electric vehicles won’t kill your local servo

Chris Brockett

Australia remains a nation of car lovers. Some of us enjoy the engineering and craftsmanship, others have fond memories of lazy Sunday drives and long holiday road trips. In reality, many of us have little choice. Our low population density and poor public transport means most of us are car-dependent. Show More

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ed Swiatkowski

Let me propose another alternative. Why would there be a need for only servo's to power up your vehicle, when thousands of times a day people go shopping to a mall? Park-N-Power lo [...]

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The elephant in the room, apparently invisible to everybody, is that we can barely produce enough electricity to run the tiny motors in our air conditioners on a hot day, let alone the m [...]

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Philip Whish-Wilson

It's good to hear someone in the investment sector finally applying some commonsense to the EV market. Yes, it will happen but it will be a long-term, very long-term, matter for Austral [...]

More Risk for Less Return

Gopi Karunakaran

Sacrificing liquidity in return for additional yield can be attractive if the compensation is sufficient and the time horizon of capital is appropriate. But corporate bond markets are currently not providing sufficient compensation for growing illiquidity risk. Show More

corporate bonds liquidity Ardea Investment Management

NextDC: An update

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Let's be brutally honest about this: too many investors, both professional and retail, have been focusing on finding value among (apparently) cheaply-priced equities during a time when the share market was making a decisive swing in the opposite direction. Show More


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I'm consistently amazed at the faith global business places in the internet and it's infrastructure with no built in valuation for many risks associated with businesses that rely totally [...]

Red Flags: How we avoid the Big Un & Blue Sky blowups

Guy Carson

To potentially misquote Robert F. Kennedy, “Like it or not, we live in interesting times.” That certainly has been true in financial markets in recent months as volatility has returned. Fraudulent or misleading activity (or the discovery thereof) appears to be on the rise as well. Both domestically and internationally... Show More

ASX:RFG asx:bla blue sky ASX:GSW ASX:BIG

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Sathyan Nair

And what was ASX doing during the period GSW, BIG etc. were drumming up their "capabilities" without proving the monetizabiliy? Similar to the JORC code for miners the regulator should c [...]

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Great article Guy. So important to spend time on the disasters, capital preservation being the first rule of the prudent investor. Not easy if you've already taken the hit, but there's n [...]

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Patrick Fresne

The more obvious 'red flag' for Big Un was when the management threatened to sue Hotcopper unless they revealed the identity of a hostile poster. Never a good sign.

What causes recessions, and can we predict them?

Aberdeen Standard Investments

The US economic expansion has just become the second longest on record. If it continues beyond mid-2019, it will be number one. Its longevity is probably due to a mixture of circumstances, judgement and luck. The severity of the recession following the global financial crisis (GFC), coupled with the slowness... Show More

inflation interest rates gfc recession

Investment implications of a trade war

Robert Frost

The emergence of a US-China trade war (via the threat of tit-for-tat tariffs) has, not surprisingly, spooked investors and led to heightened volatility in global markets in recent weeks. The feud began in March when Trump announced a plan to tax steel and aluminium from China and other countries. Since... Show More

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Protecting portfolios through market downturns

Andrew Mitchell

One important thing for investors to think about is how to ensure that the portfolios can be meaningfully protected through inevitable periods of downturn and ensure you remain well positioned to participate in the resultant recovery. In this wire, we discuss five key ways to achieve this. Show More

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The global leader in a growing market

Livewire Exclusive

Connected lighting represents an enormous opportunity around the world. The global leader in this industry is Phillips Lighting. Here, Arik Star from Ellerston Global Investments explains how they built conviction in their Phillips position. Show More

ellerston capital ASX:EGI arik star NYSE:PHG philips

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Graeme Holbeach

Am I missing something? Street lights have for decades automatically come on when it gets dark and gone off when it gets light. That's all they need to do. Why do they need to be "conne [...]

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Ronen S

But the number of lights required is finite, so whether you have connected or conventional lights selling one will come at the expense of selling the other. Demand for lights should not [...]