Matt Griffin

With the February 2019 reporting season upon us, we were interested to see that one of the largest holdings in the AMP Capital Australian Emerging Companies Fund plan to release their half-year results a week earlier than in previous periods. Show More

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James Marlay

Interesting findings, which company moved their reporting date forward?

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Matt Griffin

Hi James, it's Service Stream (SSM)

James Gerrish

We witnessed an almost perfect “about face” last year from most of the market on interest rates with the start of 2018 all about rising interest rates / bond yields on the back of bullish economic & stock market predictions, while the second half focussed on a looming recession and... Show More

Matt Joass

My investing was never the same again after I discovered this. The hidden power of fundamental inflection points radically improved my investing results. Show More

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Ahmet Ozaydin

Good article Matt. What is your assessment of Telstra as a turnaround candidate? Share price is at 20 year low and its price chart looks promising (technicals-wise). Could 5G and staff s [...]

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Matt Joass

Great question Ahmet. As I mentioned in the article, I try to rely on observation instead of forecasting wherever possible. 5G is a great example. One could forecast 5G will be a huge bo [...]

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Emanuel Datt

Nice read Matt. I would add an additional point: the 'false start' where a company may appear to be at or past the inflection point; but ultimately underperform. Example: SAAS themed, AS [...]

Ashley O'Connor

Investors have likely heard asset allocation specialists advise increasing portfolio exposure to 'alternatives' given the current market conditions. Invesco's Alternatives Investment Strategist, Walter Davis, explores this asset class and suggests 5 alternatives to consider right now. Show More

Chad Slater

Each half, as part of our outlook for the coming six months, we provide a series of “anti-forecasts” for what will NOT happen over this period. In one sense, this is a light-hearted way to approach the vagaries of forecasting to look at things from the opposite perspective. But on... Show More

James Gerrish

A weaker session today across the board with Asian markets trading in the red for much of the day, Hong Kong down around ~1.3% the hardest hit in the region while US Futures opened fairly flat, before sellers came in around lunchtime. Relative to yesterdays close, Dow Futures were down... Show More

Sam Ferraro

The death last week of the founder of Vanguard, Mr John Bogle, offers a timely reminder of the upheaval in the asset management industry brought about by the advent of index investing around four decades ago. Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Paypal founder Peter Thiel predicted in his 2014 Wall Street Journal essay ‘Competition is for losers’ that Silicon Valley would become the centre of the global economy. He claimed that by operating under a set of rules that involve little competition or regulation, his own company, along with the likes... Show More

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Yeah, like Australia, Israel, China..

Stephen Arnold

Utilities are often seen as a ‘port in a storm’, a defensive sector during periods of market stress. Is this where investors should be looking to take shelter should 2019 present another year of challenging equity markets? We give four reasons why the utility sector’s safety is overrated. Show More

Michael Goldberg

In early 2017 we identified debt and the unsustainably high property prices as the key risks to the Australian economy. In particular we were concerned about the unwinding of the wealth effect as investors began to feel the pinch of a weaker property market. We believed this would manifest itself... Show More

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Aleksandar Bogdanovic

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