James Gerrish

A volatile session today as the market was sold off early following stronger than expected employment data which initially saw the market lower, the AUD higher as traders paired back expectations for lower interest rates, however that theme was short lived thanks to a new ‘bearish’ call from Westpac who... Show More

Wentworth Securities

I wish I was writing this note a year ago, however optimism and reality work on different timelines. Nonetheless, given the opportunity at the doorstep, we think investors should revisit the opportunity that is Firstwave (FCT). Firstwave has recently had their cloud security platform technology globally validated, first by CISCO,... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

It’s never been easier to trade. It’s cheaper than ever, you have unlimited access to information, and you can execute a trade from the device sitting at your fingertips right now. It’s easy and it’s tempting to fiddle with your investments. Joe Magyer from Lakehouse Capital says studies show that... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

Never before has the Australian small and mid-cap equity market experienced such a broad variety of Australian and NZ-based businesses achieving stellar success in overseas markets. Where offshore expansions have long been an investment graveyard for larger-cap Australian businesses desperately looking for growth avenues to supplement mature domestic market positions... Show More

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Michael Locaso

Nice synopsis Andrew. I agree and would add that a2 has not yet launched infant formula in the US, and the milk business in the US is still in its infancy. Moreover, the new product laun [...]

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Crispin Thurston


Michael Frazis

Value investors often look for beaten-down stocks that have sold off on temporary news or set-back that leaves their long-term value intact. The two companies below show a different kind of deep value scenario. Show More

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Michael Whelan

Hi Michael - a penny for your thoughts on Senex (SXY)? I put it in a similar category to COE, moving from developer to producer. Regards, Another Michael