Jonathan Rochford

From an economics perspective, the Federal election is shaping up as one to forget. Australia’s economic growth is currently running at less than our population growth, with this situation commonly being labelled as a “per capita recession”. Neither major party is putting forward anything material on tax reform or productivity... Show More

Oscar Oberg

Bubs Australia (ASX: BUB) is an infant formula brand with a major focus on goats milk. This week, BUB announced a four-year strategic alliance with Chemist Warehouse relating to the sale and promotion of its products within its domestic store and online network. The deal is a strong... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

I felt like I was one of only a handful in the city today with the Easter School Holidays overlapping ANZAC Day and creating the perfect excuse to take or extend holidays. The market reflected it with the index closing flat. Gold stocks did well today on the... Show More

Patrick Poke

Value investors, I suspect, are born that way. It takes a particular type of person to be willing to stand out from the crowd, focus on the long term, and constantly be hunting for bargains. This week's guest on the podcast is precisely one of those people; Garry Laurence, Portfolio... Show More

Tobias Yao

I have just returned from China, looking at how Australian goods such as infant formula are sold and marketed, given the strong Chinese demand for such products. Being able to speak with shop attendants in their native language let me get to the source of information. In this wire, I... Show More

Sean Callow

The Aussie dollar has fallen more than a cent this week, with the sharpest move coming in response to Australia’s Q1 inflation data on Wednesday. The below-consensus inflation reading stoked a fresh wave of pricing for RBA rate cuts. A cash rate cut to 1.25% had only been fully priced... Show More

Fixed Income
Ashley Kopczynski

So far in 2019, credit markets have been buoyed by the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) announcement of a pause in its Quantitative Tightening (QT) program and the shift in the Fed’s language away from being hawkish. In recent months, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has also signalled that the... Show More

Fixed Income
Christopher Joye

Today I write that if the RBA cuts the cash rate by 50bps or more, the housing bust will be over very quickly. We were by far the most accurate house price forecasters between 2012 and 2017 and the first mainstream analysts to call the end of the boom and... Show More

Rachel Cole

China is a key economic partner for Australia, being our largest trading partner for both imports and exports. Whilst our commodity exports to China make up the largest amount by value, our agricultural and consumer-related exports are experiencing greater growth. This presents some interesting investment opportunities for Australian listed companies... Show More