Preparing for, not predicting, the housing crash

Alex Shevelev

Newspaper headlines like “House prices continue to tumble nationally” are now everywhere. While we have been worried about the potential for a housing correction for a long time, what was theoretical has become actual. Prices are down and it’s no longer the fringe doom-sayers that are predicting further falls. It... Show More


Closing soon: An Exclusive IPO Opportunity

Livewire Exclusive

The return of volatility is a good reminder of the risks in equity markets. Firetrail Absolute Return Limited (ASX: FTA) is a new LIC that aims is to smooth out the ride by providing returns that are uncorrelated to Australian and Global Share markets: “Whether the ASX is up 20%,... Show More

Demergers are always worth a closer look

Daniel Moore

Over the last 20 years we have seen many of Australia’s larger companies such as Brambles, Woolworths, Fosters, NAB, Woolworths, Orica and Amcor demerge and spin off smaller parts of their business on the stock market. The primary objective for separately listing the demerged company was to allow both the... Show More

Bonds amplify equities' losses

Christopher Joye

Today I bust a bunch of big myths relevant to the current price action: specifically, I show why bonds are, contrary to popular belief, a terrible equities hedge (the oft-mooted negative correlation is incredibly unreliable and often positive); why the popular low-rates-for-long meme is completely bogus; why you should not... Show More

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Jerome Lander

Often promulgated is the notion that one can only buy equities or bonds or cash or some mixture of these, as if there are no other choices. Good alternative managers are an underappre [...]

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Christopher Joye

nicely put, Jerome

ROI: Making money from market falls

Livewire Exclusive

In market sell-offs like we’ve experienced this week, it’s hard to find anything that’s unaffected by the selling. The ASX200 was down 4.9% before trading opened on Friday, but the pain for momentum and technology stocks has been even worse. Show More

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John Ferrito

World Class - very educational and much to think about - John

5 ASX CEOs Who Tick all the Boxes

Robert Miller

A year ago we wrote an article about ‘5 CEOs Who Tick All the Boxes’ based on the ASX listed CEOs who we thought showed similarities to Tom Murphy. For those unfamiliar, Tom Murphy was the once in a lifetime CEO of US media conglomerate Capital Cities who started out... Show More

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Michael Whelan

Any mining or resources CEOs ? Amongst the Australian miners, Mark Clark at RRL, Bill Beament at NST and Graham Kerr at S32 are standouts.

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James Slack

It's Mark Allison, and his track record before Elders is not inspiring.

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Robert Miller

Thanks for your feedback Michael, NAOS invest in industrial businesses so we tend to focus on CEO's in this space.

Not the time for a big position in equities

Livewire Exclusive

We sat down with Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income & Multi-Asset at Schroders, and asked him how he would allocate a million dollars today. In his responses to this tough question he made it clear that it’s not a good time to be building a big position in equities. Show More

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S. Burke

Great advice thank you. What would be a viewed as a quality investment grade credit?