James Gerrish

The market took its bullish que from the US overnight with stocks having a belated response to the Feds dovish commentary on Thursday – the Dow put on +216 points feeding into a bullish open in Australia and the market went on with – up until lunchtime at least. On... Show More

Christine Jurzenski

An innovative car company at the vanguard of autonomous driving, with a vision defined as ‘zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion’ must be a Silicon Valley darling with “funding secured (1)”. However, to the surprise of many, it is the 110 year old, General Motors. Quietly in the background,... Show More

Perpetual Investments

In our Fixed Income Fundamentals article, we examined the basics. To recap, a fixed income investment is a simple interest only loan, made to a government, semi-government authority or company; as such, fixed income investments are often referred to as ‘debt’ investments. In this article, we’ll focus on the types... Show More

Romano Sala Tenna

Back in November 2018, we wrote exclusively for LiveWire that we remained a ‘Viva Believer’ as the stock plumbed to the depths of $1.70 and below. We reasoned that there was still insufficient evidence to indicate whether the significant decline in the refining margin was cyclical or structural. ... Show More