In Focus: Monash Investors

Simon Shields

Monash Investors is an absolute return manager focused on Australian equities. I founded Monash together with Shane Fitzgerald in 2012, bringing over 50 years’ worth of combined experience. Show More

Monash Investors Fund In Focus

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Benjamin Duke

That was an excellent presentation and I really like what you do. I was looking into buying the LIC but I think the performance fee over the RBA rate is terrible. I'm pretty sure someone [...]

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James North

....and they have charged those performance fees notwithstanding the LIC share price is still 20 per cent under the listing price.

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Joshua Stewart

Benjamin, it should be noted Monash are an absolute return manager. An absolute return fund seeks to achieve a positive performance in all market conditions. It is usual practice fo [...]

Is 'Value' Investing Now Dead?

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Most investors in Australia, be it consciously or otherwise, are "value" investors.If you haven't figured out what type you are, consider the following two propositions: 1) a share price drops by -20%; has your interest been triggered?; 2). a share price rallies by 20%; do you now think 'this horse... Show More

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Peter Ashley Schaeffer

My best performer is FPH, with double the return of Resmed. Should be in your list? Peter

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Peter Brown

Thank you for the article. It supports what I have been thinking for a while now. All I've read from many fund managers for the last few months now is that growth stocks are overvalued a [...]

Strong A$ gold price fuels talk of M&A among mid-tiers

Barry FitzGerald

With bumper margins and bloated kitties, Australia’s mid-tier gold miners are primed for M&A. But this time, it’s expected to be more bolt-on than mega-merger. Smaller companies with growing inventories are seen as potential targets. And talking of targets, Argonaut Resources is about to drill several in the Gawler Craton. Show More


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Jack Upton

I've refrained from a gold play for years but have got interested over the last few months - more so when I saw that 26g/t report a couple of weeks ago which I took as a misprint. But m [...]

A slow burn for wound care stocks

Tim Boreham

For investors in the burns treatment house, progress has been a slow burn indeed since Avita rode the prestige of treating Bali bombing victims with its innovative ‘spray on’ skin technology. That was back in 2002 and my time flies. Now, Avita faces its defining moment in history with the... Show More


Buy Hold Sell: Big stocks with big yields

Buy Hold Sell

There's a bit of an issue for investors seeking income from the local market. The challenge is that just 6 companies account for more than 50% of the income generated from the ASX200. That's the 'Big Four' banks, Telstra and BHP. Whilst the income might be attractive there's clearly a... Show More


Top Value Picks ahead of Reporting Season

Marni Lysaght

In an environment of persistent earnings multiple expansion, investors have had to look hard to find quality value names. With confession season largely behind investors in Australia, some names in the Small Caps space have come out relatively unscathed and appear poised to meet guidance (with some featuring the cherry... Show More

The Age of the Centaur Investor

Andrew Martin

(Man + Machine) > Man or Machine alone. Growing up, I loved watching the Six Million Dollar Man – Steve Austin’s human judgment combined with machine enhancements made him invincible. The idea of seamlessly integrating the best of human and machine has always captured the imagination – if you can... Show More

Amazon Revisited – Muted Impact So Far

Adrian Lemme

There has been no bigger retail story over the last 12 months than Amazon’s entry into the Australian market. This time last year we gave our initial view (Amazon Not Introducing Internet to Australia) on how Amazon will impact the Australian retail landscape with particular focus on ASX listed retail... Show More


Price is what you pay... Value is what you get

Marcus Tuck

As Warren Buffet put it best: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. And just as an individual share price can be disaggregated into earnings per share (EPS) times its PE ratio, the same thing can be done at a market index level - as we discuss... Show More

valuation us markets

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Peter Brown

A great article. Very informative.

Earnings going up for Downer

Vince Pezzullo

Downer EDI Ltd (DOW) provides engineering, construction and asset management services to customers operating in a variety of market sectors including minerals and metals, oil and gas, power, road and rail infrastructure, telecommunications, utilities and facilities management. Show More


10 value investing beliefs

Steve McCarthy

We consider it important to invest within a disciplined value investing framework in order to significantly outperform the market over the long term. Importantly, value investing can be applied to both high and low growth businesses; the key is to invest when the true underlying worth of the business is... Show More

Is it time to buy Telstra?

Livewire Exclusive

Telstra shares are down 34% over the last 12 months. It’s been a painful period for many investors, especially when accompanied by a dividend cut. The problems for the company are now well-known: falling revenues from fixed line disconnections (partially offset by payments from the NBN) and margin pressure in... Show More

telstra ASX:TLS

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Ted Thacker

I suggest some of the analysts actually go and try an experience of being a customer of Telstra and then revisit the numbers. They are an absolute disgrace! I recently ordered a X [...]

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James Marlay

Hi Ted, thanks for your comment. I've had some similarly average experiences with Telstra and I think customer service and the offering they put to consumers needs to be a focus. The lac [...]

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abbas hussein

Telstra originally was over priced at around $9.00 so to fall to todays level of $2.75 was expected maximum downside I see is $2.30 as at that level there is no other stock to match or b [...]

The Importance of Corporate Culture in Investing

Ben Rundle

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has been in a structural growth phase for some years now. A report by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) notes that 81% of the largest super funds have now embedded a formal commitment to responsible investment, up from 70% in 2016. Additional research... Show More

Is there a correction on the horizon?

Magellan Asset Management

Risks are elevated and investors are nervous, so we sat down with Hamish Douglass, CEO and CIO, to revisit his previous warning of a significant market correction. We get his thoughts on how he views the various scenarios playing out and what the likely impact could be on markets. You... Show More

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Jack Upton

Is this more foot-in-mouth comment from a talking head who won't concede that he is wrong - ergo "That doesn't mean it's going to happen". Or is it more market manipulation by fundies t [...]

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James Marlay

Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. I think the article is pretty balanced and is simply drawing investors attention towards some of the risks. It also goes on to share two of the key data [...]

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I've come to believe that Hamish Douglass is one of the best thinkers in the industry so you can ignore his outlook at your peril! I will definitely be keeping an eye on the US wages gr [...]

Asaleo Care – can boring be attractive?

Dr. Suhas Nayak

Over the last year, we have noticed a market with two segments. In one segment, stocks that show or just promise growth have been disproportionately rewarded, while the other ‘boring’ segment has discounted stocks that have less exciting, declining or uncertain prospects. It should come as no surprise, then, that... Show More


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Kevin Ghazi

It still looks expensive at current prices. Didn't Allan Gray pick up more shares days before the downgrade? (change in notice issued to the market the day before on the ASX)

Our Analysts' Buy-Rated Stocks

Bell Potter

After examining all of our analysts’ buy-rated stocks with a market capitalisation above $1.0 billion, we have identified ten of them which we particularly like over the next 12 months or so for private clients. Show More

In Focus: Aitken Investment Management

Charlie Aitken

We’re undergoing a period of rapid change. In a world where technology makes up 20% of the MSCI World Index, investors’ portfolios should reflect the future, not the past. This means looking beyond the ASX 200, where technology has a weighting close to zero. Show More

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Thomas Nielsen

I remember Charlie saying his fund had a sizeable holding in Aristocrat on Sky Business late last year. Hopefully he held out on that! Stayed flat while everything charged higher last ye [...]

A crucial piece in stock evaluation...

Karl Siegling

In this 12-part Cadence Investing Series, we discuss several aspects of the investment process and how it actually works in practice. Topics covered include market psychology and fundamental analysis, and aim to provide the reader with a first-hand view of how financial theory stacks up in real world situations. Show More


The Long View: Investing Through Adversity

Paul Hennessy

My colleague Tim Armour has shown how markets periodically experience corrections that are part of the investment environment. Recent volatility has been jarring but the global economy is largely supportive of corporate earnings and markets. History highlights the paramount importance of staying invested through volatile economic periods to provide long-term... Show More

long term investment

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James Marlay

some cracking charts in here...

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Peter Murch

Well written and most informative.

Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“New coal is a bad idea for New South Wales – coal needs to run most of the time to be economic, but the market needs flexibility, not baseload” Mark Collette, Executive Energy, Energy Australia Show More