Future-proofing Facebook

Gareth Brown

We looked at Facebook stock—far too briefly it turns out—in 2013 when it was trading below US$30 a share. It had listed a year earlier and was in the doldrums because of what the market perceived as a ‘painful’ transition from desktop to mobile. Painful? That transition turned out to... Show More

Luxury Home Prices Tanking

Christopher Joye

In the AFR today I reveal that luxury home values are tanking, particularly in ultra-high-end beach-side suburbs like Sydney's Palm Beach, and then unveil our new hedonic regression index for mortgage default rates---a global first---that shows that RMBS arrears are increasing sharply in contrast to what the likes of S&P... Show More

Three cracking results

James Gerrish

An impressive performance from the local market yesterday after some very poor leads from the previous day. The index rallied strongly from the early morning low of -47pts / -0.74% before the banks and some recovery from the hard hit resources saw the index close less than a point lower.... Show More

The New Criterion: hard labour for the recruitment firms

Tim Boreham

Until Seek came along, recruiting was pretty much about bunging an ad in Saturday’s classifieds and sifting candidates based on their ability to write a semi-coherent application. Show More

Medium photedited3

Patrick Fresne

Compelling reading. The RBR Group in particular is an intriguing stock, given Africa's status as, the 'young continent', with a large and ever-growing population hungry to learn. That sa [...]

The question with Telstra

Hamish Carlisle

We provided some detailed thoughts on Telstra this time last year. Since then, Telstra has underperformed the broader market, the company’s strategy has dramatically pivoted from aspirations of becoming a global technology company to a cost-out and product simplification agenda, and Telstra has brought itself some breathing space and improved... Show More

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Patrick Jackson

Great analysis, thank you.

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Bruce Aulabaugh

Dito, great work.

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Awesome work!! kudos...

A deep dive on the Financials sector

Peter Wilmshurst

Despite political tension and underperformance of the European Financials sector in the June quarter, results in 2017 and the first quarter were solid. We saw upgrades for the European banking sector through 2017 on the back of improving loan losses and continued uptick in lending growth. The banks are also... Show More

Small caps to be cautious of

Marc Whittaker

A quick recap of the last twelve months. In January this year we highlighted how the strong performance in the Small Caps sector had been led by a very narrow number of stocks over the preceding six months. We have seen a continuation of this trend over the second half... Show More

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Michael Whelan

Given the underwhelming results from PACT and the 20% share price whack, will this lead to a review of ‘value’. IML also has this name, and those mentioned, in the QVE portfolio.

The secret asset class bigger than Super

Bob  Sahota

Appetite for alternative defensive allocations continues to grow as investors seek new ways to preserve capital and generate stable income. This is supported by a number of factors such as the current low interest rate environment resulting in low absolute yields, as well as recent increases in public market volatility.... Show More

Screening out the noise

Alva Devoy

If there’s one thing the market’s not short of, it’s noise. With newsreels looking for a quick sugar hit, it’s easy to get clouted in the latest headlines. For investors, this raises many questions. Is inflation coming back? Are bond yields going to take off on a tear? What will... Show More