5 microcaps on our radar

Steve McCarthy

Meeting with management from small cap companies is an important part of any professional investors process. Here we share our thoughts following recent meetings with the teams from 5 microcap companies on our radar, including Pioneer Credit, Gale Pacific, Joyce Corp, Blackwall and Zenitas Healthcare. Show More


Invitrocue - this Singapore company can predict cancer treatment outcomes

Stuart Roberts

Last week I published a report on a great Life Sciences company out of Singapore called Invitrocue. Singapore is one of the finest places a global traveler could find to do Life Sciences, ranking probably the seventh most-productive Life Sciences jurisdiction on the planet in terms of the amount of... Show More


AMP: Breaking the Cycle

Chad Slater

The AFR called me on Friday for some thoughts on the AMP debacle - and let’s be clear, last week was nothing short of a debacle for AMP. I gave my opinion that, according to the Responsible Investment Authority of Australia, 44% of institutional investors say they incorporate ESG in... Show More


A standout stock in a strong thematic

Rob Tucker

The long term thematic of having Australian primary industry “feeding the world” remains a compelling one. Here we discuss our analytical approach and focus on one stock that is trading on 12 times earnings, with high single digit earnings growth and a >5.5% fully franked dividend yield (FY19). Show More


Risk measure at GFC Levels - Should Investors be Worried?

Tamar Hamlyn

The Bank Bill – Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) spread is a keenly watched risk measure in fixed income markets that has experienced a significant widening in recent months, both in Australia and in overseas markets (where LIBOR is the equivalent rate to the Aussie bank bill rate). Show More

risk rates libor bank bill

Pengana Capital Group Symposium – April 2018

Pengana Capital

Pengana Capital Group is pleased to provide advisers with access to a video replay of the Pengana Symposium held in April, 2017. The presentation features three strategies which can be viewed together or separately via the chapters feature below. Show More

pengana Investor Presentations

Looking at the bigger picture

Magellan Asset Management Limited

Four years ago, Microsoft became our largest holding. We bought it for US$28 a share, at a time when Steve Ballmer's rule was ending and people thought the Windows business would disappear. Windows wasn't about to disappear. With the Office software, Microsoft probably had the best applications business in the... Show More


Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“The industry faces challenges of low credit growth, low interest rates, regulatory uncertainty, increasing consumer expectations and increased scrutiny of conduct and culture” Jon Sutton, MD, Bank of Queensland Show More

Maintain exposure to the mining sector

Marcus Tuck

The All Resources Index in trend terms has been outperforming the ASX 200 Index since the start of 2016. In this note we compare the performance of the big Australian mining stocks against their international peers on a common-currency basis, as well as comparing their current valuation metrics. Show More

resources mining ASX:AWC ASX:BHP ASX:RIO ASX:S32

A small company with a big growth runway

Livewire Exclusive

The most important ingredient of a great investment is having an outstanding ‘horse and jockey’; a business that’s operating in an attractive industry, and a highly capable management team. Kate Howitt, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International, explains the attributes they look for, and why Wisetech Global ticks all the boxes. Show More

ASX:WTC Fidelity International kate howitt

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Very articulate. Knows her stuff. I'd be happy to hear more from Kate.

Investing where your mouth is

Chad Slater

Sunday 22nd April was International Mother Earth Day, a day designed to highlight the need for a collective responsibility to promote harmony with nature and the Earth to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity. This year was as... Show More

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Bruce Ditter

Great contribution thanks Chad. If everyone applied these principles to how they invest and indeed, how they spend, it would change the world, regardless of what politicians are doin [...]

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Chad Slater

Thanks Bruce - as we say, use capitalism for the outcomes you want to see rather than bemoaning the outcomes. Unfortunately the passive nature of superannuation for a lot of people (it's [...]

How ASIC Can Become a Feared Regulator

Jonathan Rochford

The revelations last week at the Banking Royal Commission illustrate the economic principle that people respond to incentives. Charlie Munger long ago summed this up with “show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome”. The rewards for ripping off customers are substantial, the probability of being caught... Show More

regulation asic royal commission

Sticky fingers in many pies

Hugh Dive

The business of wealth management has been put under the microscope over the past month with the Royal Commission into the financial services industry. In March, the Commission focused on misdeeds in consumer lending and for the next two weeks in April it will be concerned with transgressions around financial... Show More


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David Berthon-Jones

Love the ending, Hugh

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Patrick Jackson

Great article and well done for simplifying the concept of vertical integration, particularly highlighting the linkages between advice platform and funds.. The issue is really centred ar [...]

Strip AMP Apart, Unwind Byzantine Banks

Christopher Joye

In my AFR column I open-up with both barrels on vertically-integrated institutions (click on that link to read for free or AFR subs can click here for direct access). Excerpt enclosed: Show More

banks AMP cba' royal commission

The Rules of Investing: The Age of Longevity

Livewire Exclusive

This week we have our first overseas guest on The Rules of Investing, Jim Mellon. Jim is a billionaire investor, speaker, and co-author of 'Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity.' Show More

gfc biotech facebook short selling FANG Podcast fangs

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Michael Hayter

Thank you Livewire. Very impressive. Everybody with an interest in personal investing should hear this and I am going to share it widely.

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Stephen Matthews

Very interesting interview and well worth the time to listen. There is some very relevant areas i agree with and others i want to research further. Definitely worth the 42 minutes of int [...]

Generating income from shares

Stephen Bruce

Traditionally, when seeking income, investors have turned to fixed income investments such as term deposits or bonds. However, persistently low-interest rates have seen investing in higher yielding stocks become an increasingly popular strategy for investors seeking to generate an income stream. Show More

dividends yield income investors tield traps yield traps

You better run, you better take cover

Brett Gillespie

September 27th, 1983. What comes to mind? What if I include the quote from Bob Hawke? “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum”. If you are over 45, you will know straight away. It was the day the yacht Australia II won the... Show More

Frankly, this is unfair

Clime Asset Management

There is no doubt that Australia’s franking system has lots of flaws. Today, we are one of the few countries in the world which maintains a franking system, and probably the only one that has cash rebates of franking. Show More

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An SMSF is a rich man's vehicle ???? This is not surprising as the Labor party has always been intent on group politics and disliking the individual. They have always tried to disgui [...]

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richard dobosz

Excellent one of the best i have read,,thank you

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Patrick Fresne

No rich journalists, Harry?. Warren Buffet might disagree. https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/warren-buffett-smart-investors-are-like-journalists

The New Criterion: the real stock tapping the infant formula boom

Tim Boreham

Clover Corp has been a big winner from the China-led boom in infant formula, but by supplying a key ingredient rather than the end product. Meanwhile, other dairy suppliers have refused to follow the herd and are diversifying into goat’s milk. Show More

China small caps ASX:AHF ASX:CLV ASX:WHA ASX:BUB infant formula

Orion rises from the ashes; and a warm reception for First AU float

Barry FitzGerald

Orion Minerals’ counter-cyclical gamble on the abandoned Prieska zinc-copper mine in South Africa’s remote Northern Cape province back in 2015 has come up trumps on three fronts – a new resource confirmation, bumper metal prices, and dare we say it, the rise to power of a more mining friendly president... Show More

gold asx:orm first au