The Rules of Investing: How Alex Waislitz uncovers hidden gems

Livewire Exclusive

In the ‘go-go 80s’, a young Alex Waislitz worked for the legendary Australian entrepreneur, Robert Holmes á Court. Holmes á Court was Australia’s first billionaire, though he lost much of his fortune in the ’87 crash – a valuable lesson for the young Waislitz. Some 30 years later, Waislitz has... Show More

Blame it on the rain

Anthony Aboud

During the late 1980’s a German pop band named Milli Vanilli became an overnight sensation. Their success was driven by the release of the album Girl You Know It’s True in 1989, which included several top-five hits and resulted in them winning the 1990 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.... Show More


Does the market misunderstand Challenger?

Christopher Joye

In the AFR today I write on why both bank and non-bank platform have conflicts, why AMP's David Murray is wrong on ASIC, and why the market may have misunderstood Challenger's shift from property to fixed-income (AFR subs can click here). Brief excerpt: Show More

challenger AS:CGF ASX: CGF

The next bluechips to cut their dividends

Jason Teh

“You can hold a rock concert, and that’s okay. And you can hold a ballet, and that’s okay. Just don’t hold a rock concert and advertise it as ballet.” ~ Warren Buffet. Show More


Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“So much of investing these days considers only the short run that I think there’s great scope for superior active investors to make value-additive decisions concerning the long run” Howard Marks, Co-founder/Co-Chairman, Oaktree Asset Management Show More


Credit Availability IS Australia’s House Prices

Steve Johnson

I have a friend who is mildly wealthy but not gainfully employed. He has been a customer of the same bank for the past 40 years. Like me, he doesn’t own a house. Unlike me, he has been thinking about it. Show More

banks credit interest rates Australian housing

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Jordan Eliseo

Excellent article the story re your mate

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Peter Brown

And what they count as income is interesting as well. I owned my house outright. At the time I had 400,000 in shares and an annual dividend of 20,000 from these shares. I work 4 days a w [...]

Three buying opportunities for nimble investors

Andrew Tang

The Australian market has been weighed down by elevated valuations and a lack of earnings momentum, so investors need to think more tactically. Our team of Research Analysts has identified three buying opportunities for nimble investors ahead of the all-important August reporting season. Show More


Stuffed to the gunnels with stock, Tolga and the boys await news from the Alderan front

Barry FitzGerald

Early Syrah backer Tolga Kumova has filled his boots with shares in $66m Alderan and is now excitedly – or nervously – waiting for results from drilling at its Frisco copper project in Utah. Plus, Rio’s deal with Alloy is more evidence the multi-national has landed a big copper find... Show More


If things change… You have to change quickly too

Livewire Exclusive

Sitting on a >450% gain in under 20 months from one of their positions, Monash Investors not just sold out, but sold short. Simon Shields told the Livewire Live audience: “You can’t just be sitting on the same side all the time. If things change you have to change pretty... Show More


Consumers are driving China’s economic growth – and foreign investors have noticed

Magellan Asset Management

Where does the US café chain Starbucks have the largest of its 28,200 company-owned and licensed outlets that are found in 76 countries? In Shanghai, China. Show More

The 5 key issues for markets right now

Troy Angus

Some of the key issues we are considering as we look into the next financial year are as follows: Will global growth momentum be sustained? Can geopolitical tensions derail the economic expansion? What absolute level of long-term interest rate becomes an impediment to equity prices continuing to rise? Will oil... Show More

The Private Equity ‘Wall Of Money’

Luke Cummings

A recent market report from Pitcher Partners found that M & A activity in 2017 increased 55% compared with the prior year, with numerous industry players such as Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and more all suggesting that M & A activity is showing no signs of slowing down just shy of... Show More

Why we'll vote against the IOF sale and you should too

Pete Morrissey

The battle for Investa Office Fund (IOF) hasn’t lasted quite as long as the Anglo-French 100-year war but it’s beginning to feel like it might. Since December 2015, when Dexus lodged a bid for the office property specialist, there have been four further attempts to gain control of the company,... Show More


One rally underway, and another one brewing

Livewire Exclusive

Miners and Banks are the two dominant sectors on the ASX. For the last few years, the miners have done the heavy lifting, and while they are a long way from former highs, there is no denying they've had a good run. Catherine Allfrey of Wavestone Capital says investors are... Show More

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Collection House Limited (ASX: CLH)

Leyland Private Asset Management

Given the recent negative report published on Credit Corp (ASX: CCP) please find following a note we recently wrote on Collection House (ASX: CLH), their biggest competitor: Show More

australian equities ASX:CCP ASX:CLH

Charter Communications: Digging a moat to lay cable

Christine Jurzenski

In investing, a ‘moat’ commonly refers to a company’s ability to maintain its competitive advantages to protect its long-term profits and market share. Elon Musk thinks that “moats are lame”(1) and ripe for disruption, however, for ‘commodity’ products such as internet and television distribution, a moat can be crucial. Show More

The New Criterion: two different approaches to oil and gas extraction

Tim Boreham

Leigh Creek management must be feeling like Fortescue Metals founder Andrew Forrest on opening his Cloudbreak mine, after an analyst earlier opined he would safely lie on the railway track to the site because the mine would never be built. Show More

oil gas small caps ASX:ELK ASX:LCK

How to win Monopoly in 3 easy steps

Livewire Exclusive

Monopoly is the ultimate real estate game, but it also has some important lessons for real life property investors. In Monopoly, there are three things that determine which squares are the best to own: 1) The likelihood of players landing on them, 2) The ‘price to earnings’ ratio i.e. how... Show More

retail real estate ASX:SCG Livewire Live 2018

5 fresh IPOs worth a look

Dean Fergie

Business news can be seasonally quiet in June with companies approaching reporting blackout. Investors do however get to enjoy a fresh round of IPO's eager to attract their hard-earned capital. Show More

primero calix raiz acorns pivotal systems marley spoon

Avatar fallback

Chris Koureas

None of these appear to be worth buying. It is a shame buyers allow the IPO's to be way overpriced - at ridiculously high multiples, with some of these companies unlikely to survive for [...]

Is there more pain ahead for Aussie banks?

Roger Montgomery

Since peaking in March 2015, the share prices of our major banks have been plummeting. I fear there is more bad news ahead with the markets beginning to catch up with factors that will limit the banks’ ability to grow their mortgage books as quickly as they have in recent... Show More

australian banks big four home loans