An industrial tech stock at a compelling valuation

Catriona Burns

At last week’s Future Generation Investment Forum, I presented my case for Sensata Technologies. Sensata is a leading industrial technology company with attractive secular growth opportunities. Show More

wilson asset management ASX:FGG sensata technologies

Book Number 6 – The Little Book of Value Investing by Christopher Browne (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Today I review the investment classic authored by Christopher Browne, ‘The Little Book of Value Investing’. Browne was a partner at Tweedy, Browne Company – the oldest value investing house on Wall Street. Again, I recommend reading the book in its entirety. However, here are my favourite chapters. Show More

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Investing ahead of the curve

Livewire Exclusive

While ‘technology’ was once a distinct industry, today there is technology in every business and every sector globally. Being a successful investor in this environment means buying businesses that can stay ahead of the curve, explains Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager at Perpetual Limited. He shares the example of Nasdaq; while... Show More

Why the ‘new age’ businesses are still too expensive

Roger Montgomery

I’ve been fascinated by the soaring trajectory of some of our smaller ‘new age’ companies – like A2M, PushPay, Afterpay and Kogan – whose share prices have rallied over 600 per cent since 2017. Show More

valuation Kogan ASX:KGN

Two new additions to our portfolios

Ben Griffiths

At the Future Generation Investment Forum last week, I presented two stocks that we’ve recently added to our portfolios; one for the Smaller Companies Fund, and one for the Emerging Companies Fund. First up, from the Emerging Companies Fund, was Mastermyne Group. Show More

ASX:FGX ASX:FNP Eley Griffiths asx:mye

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Joost Daalder

Very well - and persuasively - presented: particularly for Freedom, I feel.

Meeting The Berkshire Hathaway CEOs

Robert Miller

During our recent trip to Omaha, we met with three Berkshire CEOs and a Berkshire board member. These meetings provided great insight into how Berkshire Hathaway has become one of the most successful companies in the world. Whilst listening to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger for six hours on the... Show More


Business Insights Across the Market

NAOS Asset Management

“There have been significant delays experienced by customers receiving confirmation of bank approvals, as a consequence of the recent Banking Royal Commission, resulting in commencement of construction being delayed” Tamawood Market Announcement Show More

Why 'skin in the game' drives performance

Steve McCarthy

One of the key attributes we look for in a management team is clear evidence that they have “skin in the game”. All the evidence suggests that this is a powerful mechanism to ensure shareholders benefit from the best that management has to offer. In this wire, we discuss the... Show More


The most shorted stocks on the market

Darren  Letts

Short selling involves selling a stock you don't own in the hope of benefitting from a fall in the price. Here we look at the mechanics, and challenges of it, and list the lineup and recent changes of the most shorted stocks on the ASX. We also take a brief... Show More

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Mr T

as a fundie, lending a stock out for a pairs trade or a protective hedge etc makes sense to me. but i have never really understood the logic for why you'd lend the stock to glaucus etc f [...]

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Phillip Arnold

Short-selling is plain immoral and the various stock-markets should make it illegal. Symptomatic of greed ...the way Glaucus targeted BLA is a prime example, many mum and dad investors [...]

The fastest growing opportunity in real estate

Livewire Exclusive

The Asian listed property trust sector can’t be ignored. From inception in 2001, it is a sector worth around $260 billion today. With growth now twice that of the US market, and with India and China on the verge of entering the sector, this is an opportunity that will continue... Show More

india China reits apn property Asian REITS corrine ng

Book Number 7 – The Great Crash 1929 by John K. Galbraith (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Originally published in 1955, The Great Crash 1929, provides a timeless reminder of the economic consequences of financial speculation, excess leverage, and herding. Many parallels can be drawn between The Great Crash of 1929 and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. There are moments in this book where you may... Show More

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The cheapest stock in the ASX100

Philip King

Last week, I presented a stock idea at the Future Generation Investment Forum. Despite owning one of Australia’s most recognisable brands, this company trades on a PE ratio of around nine. Here, I outline why Qantas could be a high-flyer in the coming years. Show More

ASX:QAN ASX:FGX regal funds management

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peter riddell

What about oil prices

Westpac weekly markets video

Sean Callow

Here is Westpac's brief weekly markets video. Last week's Australian wages and unemployment data reinforced our concern that wages growth will not accelerate any time soon. This poses danger to the outlook for both the RBA's inflation target and the government's budget position. The Aussie dollar however, looks relatively resilient... Show More

Opportunities Post Royal Commission? You Can Count On It

Harley Grosser

Since the Royal Commission kicked off hardly a day has gone by without Australia’s largest financial institutions in the news, for all the wrong reasons. Some of the accusations are quite shocking and make for great headlines. Show More

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Good read thank you. Ultimately a people business and just like sgh.. Not an obviously scaleable business More compliance means more cost, more cost means higher pricing, higher pric [...]

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Harley Grosser

Hi Jim, SGH wouldn't be my first comparison! People businesses are good businesses *if* you get the incentives right. Acct and advice have big barriers to entry, high returns on capital, [...]

Jumbo Risks all but Forgotten

Alex Shevelev

We are out. Last week the Forager Australian Shares Fund sold its last remaining shares of online lottery ticket reseller Jumbo (JIN). Our margin of safety dwindled in the past year and it was time to exit this very successful investment. Show More


8 reasons lithium markets will stay tight

Tim Hannon

To meet the stated requirements of electric vehicle manufacturers, lithium production must grow from current levels of 300,000 tonnes to two million tonnes by 2030. Our analysis, supported by interviews with independent industry specialists, concludes the lithium price needs to stay in the $US10,000 to $US12,000 per tonne price range... Show More

lithium ASX:ORE

Australia's $20 billion question

Livewire Exclusive

There is approximately $20 billion of market capitalisation on the ASX with exposure to the demands of the Chinese consumer. John Lake from Paradice Investment Management has recently returned from a tour of China where he saw first-hand some of the changes and trends that are taking place. One observation... Show More

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Amir Gholami

Thanks, it sparkes some ideas,

Hayne is bad for equity, good for debt

Christopher Joye

In the AFR I write today that one of the most enduring legacies left by the royal commissionwill be more conservative and risk-averse banks. This process was already underway after the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) embraced the 2014 financial system inquiry recommendation that the banks deleverage. (direct AFR link... Show More

banks asx: cba royal commission hayne

A record year for buybacks

Marcus Tuck

Buybacks can support stock prices by reducing share counts and boosting earnings per share, although that is no guarantee of producing a rising share price. Fundamentals such as revenues, underlying earnings trends, competitive prospects and interest rates still count for more. Show More

apple warren buffett Alphabet buyback

Book Number 8 – Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Warren Buffett once described himself as being 85% Ben Graham and 15% Phil Fisher. If Ben Graham is the father of value investing, Phil Fisher is the father of growth investing. The primary difference between the two philosophies is clear. Ben Graham’s investments tend to benefit from a one-time profit.... Show More

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