Orthocell (ASX: OCC) ​- Growing with CelGro®

Stuart Roberts

Every now and then when people ask me about building a portfolio of Life Science companies, I tell them that having a regenerative medicine stock in the portfolio is probably a good idea because we're going into a boom for that field globally. In July last year we at NDF... Show More


What's keeping investors awake right now?

Tom Stevenson

Every three months I knock on my colleagues’ doors and ask them what they’re thinking about the markets. It’s interesting to hear what’s keeping them up at night. Even more interesting is what they are worried about. What moves a market is, by definition, not what investors have already priced... Show More

Chart Of The Week: Equity Risk Premiums

Callum Thomas

This week the "Chart of the Week" shows the equity risk premium across a couple of key developed economy stockmarkets. The equity risk premium provides a unique perspective on valuation, which brings in not just what's going on with absolute valuations, but also reflects the opportunity cost or trade-off vs... Show More

equities asset allocation erp UK equities Developed Markets .

Buybacks to drive ASX in 2018 - South 32 Focus

Rodney  Forrest

The ASX currently has ~121 companies undertaking share buybacks. The top 22 companies (in size of buyback) have a planned buyback program of $7.73b. Show More


Avatar fallback

Gavan Scott

The role of franking credits and the incentive for ASX companies to distribute them is a significant factor when compared to the US. If franking was not available it would be much more s [...]

More volatility and inflation coming

Tamar Hamlyn

This time last year we wrote on Livewire that inflation and volatility charts were the ones we were watching most closely. Following the recent surge in both measures, Livewire got in touch to ask what we expect from here, and what investors can do about it. Show More

inflation volatility rates this time last year ardea

Three thriving small cap financials

Buy Hold Sell

When one door closes, another one opens. And so it is with APRA’s regulatory changes. While it's a headwind for banks, lending to small players is now an opportunity for a group of nimble, emerging lenders. Show More

buy hold sell ASX:WBC asx:mny ASX:AXL ASX:HOM

Running to Stand Still

Etienne Alexiou

On the 9th March 1987 U2 released the Joshua Tree, the fastest selling British Album of all time that went on to sell over 25 million copies. Joshua Tree is still acclaimed as one of the greatest albums of all time. Interestingly Bono considered pulling the album prior to its... Show More

My thoughts from Dubai Airport

Chad Slater

I’m on the way to Europe to see institutional clients for our new ESG L/S absolute return fund (we will look to make it available to Australian investors later this year) and I had a stopover in Dubai. It made me think of a previous comment about Dubai airport being... Show More

Morphic Asset Management Trump global trade wars dubai

Trump Meeting Kim Jong-Un, Labor’s $59b Cash Refund Plan, Spotify’s Unorthodox IPO

Kent Kwan

Get the full scoop on what Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Labor’s $59b cash refund plan, and Spotify’s unconventional IPO means for you and your investments. Show More

Hybrids will need a rethink under Labor’s latest policy

Elizabeth Moran

Labor's Batman by-election win in Victoria makes its proposed changes to franking rules more promising. It's a good time to reassess your investment decisions and potential loss of income, especially if you are invested in hybrids. These securities are expected to be less attractive and prices to be more volatile Show More

labor Hybrids bank hybrids franking credits Retirees

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Brent Becroft

This is a long way from becoming law yet, Additionally, should Labor even get in, APRA will obviously exempt outstanding hybrid securities from the new rules until they are replaced over [...]

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Elizabeth Moran

I agree the proposed changes are a long way from becoming law and I would expect some concessions if Labor win the next election but there is no guarantee existing terms will be grandfat [...]

The critical factor in the Coles demerger

Philip Wensley

On Friday, Wesfarmers announced an intention to demerge their Coles Food, Liquor and Convenience business. While this transaction has some attractive merits we also have some reservations and argue more information is required. How much of the current group’s debt Wesfarmers allocates to Coles vs retaining in the rump will... Show More

demerger ASX:WES ASX:WOW coles demerger

A better way to size up income funds

Alwyn Hung

Selecting investments solely on return falls squarely into the “buyer beware” bucket. However, when comparing the plethora of fund investment opportunities in the market, the majority of us tend to focus solely on historic investment performance to rank each of the available investment opportunities. Show More

investor education sharpe ratio income funds

Key growth pillars all strong for this retail stock

Bell Potter

Premier Investments Limited (PMV) has announced underlying 1H18 NPAT of $78.8m, 6.5% up on pcp. The Just Group EBIT of $102.5m was in line with our $103.4 estimate. The result key highlights are as follows: Show More


Stocks are up, AREITs not so much. Why?

Michael  Doble

It’s a head scratcher alright. Over the past six months the ASX All Ordinaries index is up 9.37% while the ASX 200 index is up 8.56%. Despite recent negative headlines stocks are still higher than they were last August. Show More

Robbing Granny in the name of Paul

Dr Don Hamson

When I was first asked to comment about the ALP’s proposed scrapping of franking credit refunds my response was I was “flabbergasted”. “Flabbergasted” that the party whose Treasurer Paul Keating created franking credits would cut those benefits accruing to retired workers, “flabbergasted” that the Leader of ALP Opposition who earns... Show More

income dividends Equity Income Dividend Imputation

Avatar fallback

Bob Cohen

Approximate $5000 a year impact? I'm not sure how "a retired couple with a $1m superannuation balance would be $5000 worse off each year". I'm one of them and I'll be $20000 worse off. [...]

Avatar fallback

David R Thomas

Without doubt the best article i have read on this subject. Presented in a clear and objective manner. Thank you David Thomas

Avatar fallback

Melville Leslie

Thank you Dr. Hamson for a sensible take on a ridiculous situation thrown up up by a frightened opposition. Over 10 years I have taken steps encouraged or even enforced by previous gove [...]

Who wins in the Coles demerger?

Hugh Dive

On Friday morning, Wesfarmers announced that they are looking to demerge its Coles division to create a new ASX top 30 company, with leading positions in supermarkets and liquor. This move was very well received by the market, with Wesfarmers stock finishing up $2.60, or +6.3%, on Friday. Over the... Show More

coles demerger ASX:WES

Wilson Asset Management weekly: Spotlight on Veris

Chris Stott

The Royal Commission into financial services started this week, with the findings impacting the major bank share prices and contributing to a 0.2% fall in the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index. A report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission identified signs of ‘less than vigorous’ price competition on mortgages... Show More


Will NAB repeat its March/April 6% gain this year?

Romano Sala Tenna

Historically, this time of the year is a terrific time to buy shares in NAB, Westpac and ANZ. None better to be exact. For nearly 2 decades, buying these 3 banks at the beginning of March and selling them at the end of April has been a winning trade. Show More


Paradice: You need to think differently

Livewire Exclusive

It’s 4am on a dark and rainy morning back in 2000. A lone, frustrated figure is running around Chatswood Golf Course. It’s a young David Paradice. He has just left the security of a large established firm believing he can achieve superior returns by investing in small caps. But things... Show More

Medium ddc45327e5354a8f492dcdc95d189ac01381878064

John McKay

Very interesting, topical and thought provoking interview, David & James. Many thanks.

Business insights across the market

NAOS Asset Management

“The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates the world’s demand for food by 2050 will need a 60 per cent increase in the amount of food currently available. Australia is well placed to become one of the world’s great food bowls. The opportunity is huge” Sam Sicilia, Chief Investment... Show More