Hugh Dive

Commentary on house prices was a major topic in Australia’s media throughout 2018. As a nation whose taxation system incentivises home ownership, falling prices – although coming off close to 10 years of solid annual compounding gains – understandably generate a large amount of media coverage and community interest. Show More

Andrew Macken

Conventional wisdom typically holds that actively trading positions in your portfolio destroys value. Whether it’s Warren Buffett recommending a “buy-and-hold” strategy, or your advisor recommending against active-trading to minimise brokerage and taxes, there are plenty of experts out there who contend that active trading is inadvisable. Show More

Chris Prunty

Expectations for Domain’s (ASX:DHG) first-half result were low. Recent share price performance has been poor. Prior to the result, the stock had fallen -28% over the past 12 months. The last big move for the stock was after their disappointing trading update on the 12th of October which saw the... Show More

Ian Carmichael

Constellation Software is a Canadian domiciled collection of Vertical Market Software (VMS) companies operating across a variety of industries. VMS companies provide products that are tailored and specific to a single industry (i.e. vertical) and are typically focused on billing, administrative, and operational systems. While often servicing a relatively small... Show More

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Garry Dowd

Good analysis. Thanks Ian

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Lewis Der Sarkissian

Interesting company (never heard of it before this). Nice to read something about a tech company that isn't Google, Microsoft or Netflix

Buy Hold Sell

It’s that time of year! After months of macro dominated action, ASX-listed companies are reporting their earnings and showing investors what’s really going on. Expectations are the name of the game and this February it’s not just about the result but also the guidance and outlook commentary. Research has shown... Show More

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jim lolo

Always a very interesting section to watch

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david Heath

always enjoy the banter and the reasoning. Some good tips

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Mary Murphy

Interesting info to digest - thanks !

Henry Jennings

Never mind the profit, what about the dividend? For most TLS investors the dividend is the thing. Remember that the 3c special dividend is just that. Special. Special dividends do not last forever. For growth investors, there are far better opportunities elsewhere. For income investors, there may well be better... Show More

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It was T2 that was $7.40 per share. T3 was $3.60

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Henry Jennings

Thanks Grant my mistake. Has been corrected

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Douglas Greville

Do your homework into the radiation levels of a 5G handset, then see if you still want 5G

Marcus Bogdan

Cleanaway Waste Management (CWY), Australia’s leading provider of waste management and environmental services, has jumped 9% after delivering a 46% increase in revenues to $1.1bn, and a 43.2% increase in EBITDA to $221m. Show More

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Aleksandar Bogdanovic

Thank you for condensed analysis as every time. I live in Europe, Slovenia. Adding an additional perspective, recycling, following local data, reaches here around 75%.

Ted Alexander

While we remain generally bullish on global stock markets, we’ve noted some concerning movements this earnings season that are causing us to take a more cautious position. We have not been scared by the shopping list of geopolitical excitements which are ever-present in international markets and thought the market recovery... Show More