The Regulator Strikes Back

Hugh Dive

Over the course of 2018, the Royal Commission into Financial Services has provided numerous examples of the conflicts of interest inherent to the vertically integrated model of financial advice. In this model, the financial adviser is often incentivised to direct their client's savings onto an investment platform and then invest... Show More

Time to reflect on a crazy week

Sean Callow

It has certainly been a volatile week, with an overload of information both locally and globally for markets to digest. Markets remained in a risk-averse mood, and equities have fallen sharply. The Aussie dollar has also underperformed, being the weakest G10 currency this week. Show More

Fresh ideas from Future Generation

Livewire Exclusive

This week on The Rules of Investing podcast, we've got a special episode featuring three guests from Future Generation (ASX:FGX & ASX:FGG). The Future Generation companies are set up to provide charities with an annual stream of donations, while providing shareholders with exposure to the best fund managers - free... Show More

Afterpay: Don’t focus on the sideshow

Livewire Exclusive

Despite a sharp fall in October, Afterpay is still the ASX200’s top performer over 12 months, with a remarkable gain of 166%. Speaking at a recent event held by IRESS and Livewire, Andrew Mitchell from Ophir Asset Management discussed the outlook for the stock. Show More

Avatar fallback

Simon James

Part of ignoring the noise is actually trying to measure objective things. It is interesting to compare the total website visits of all the USA companies they listed in their last presen [...]

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Brandon Kibby

The biggest problem facing Afterpay is the AFR and Fairfax. I can't believe how Fairfax picks up on the smallest of problems and puts them into a headline. What shorter is paying them? S [...]

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Michael Bishop

Well said Simon!

Have the Banks been pushed below fair value?

Roger Montgomery

Slowing growth and tightening profit margins, customers entering financial stress and falling asset values; It sounds like the recipe for a disastrous investment but what if the price of the investment has factored in something even worse, which failed to eventuate? Show More

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Ed Smith

Like Roger I can only see that banks represent one of the best value opportunities in the current market. What has really changed in the way they conduct their business, i.e. they colle [...]

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Phillip Woodhill

Roger, While I agree the banks are looking good in normal times, which these are not as your other pundits are predicting a recession after a 28 year gap which will not enhance bank sha [...]

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Nathan Thomas

They do look cheap but I have a concern that the traditional banking model and the horrendous service the banks provide are going to be truly disrupted by new era banks. The industry is [...]