Alex Shevelev

Comparison website iSelect’s (ISU) half year results last month showed revenue falling 12% on the previous December half. For most companies lower revenue would mean sharply lower profits. Not for iSelect. Profit was up 79%. Why the disparity? Show More

Pengana Capital

Hostelworld was created to provide an affordable online global distribution channel for hostels and budget accommodation providers. The company is designed for a customer base that is not well served by the broader online travel agency (OTA) universe. Frequent customers of hostels, known as “hostellers’”, generally enjoy the affordability, environmental... Show More

Michael Frazis

Carvana offers a fully integrated way to buy a second hand car online or via an app. The cars are delivered shortly after using Carvana-owned logistics. You can also pick up a car from one of 15 vending machines in highly visible locations and not even have to speak to... Show More

James Gerrish

The market pulled back sharply today booking its worst performance since the first trading day of the calendar year following the weak lead from overseas on Friday night, growth concerns in a number of regions coming back into focus and overshadowing expectations of lower interest rates for longer. Talk around... Show More

Oscar Oberg

Nufarm (ASX: NUF) is an undervalued agricultural crop protection company that has strong global exposure with 97% of earnings originating from outside Australia. We invested in NUF as we believed the market was incorrectly assuming that poor drought conditions in Australia and Europe would continue indefinitely. Furthermore, the share price... Show More

Christopher Dixon

In ancient times early cartographers would illustrate mythological sea monsters into the edges of their maps. The fantastical images of serpents and basilisks represented dangerous areas where ships had been lost, and unexplored territories through which mariners feared to sail. Says Thomas Sander of the Washington Map Society, “It was... Show More

James Gerrish

The market took its bullish que from the US overnight with stocks having a belated response to the Feds dovish commentary on Thursday – the Dow put on +216 points feeding into a bullish open in Australia and the market went on with – up until lunchtime at least. On... Show More