The Rules of Investing: Why we love LICs

Livewire Exclusive

New LIC floats have become a regular feature on the ASX over the last few years, but it's not always been that way. Wilson Asset Management listed its first LIC in 1999, so Geoff Wilson's seen all this before. In the latest episode of the podcast, we have an in... Show More

The elephant in the room investors have overlooked

Livewire Exclusive

Macquarie Infrastructure fell 41% in a single session in February, a direct result of the elephant in the room investors have overlooked, as outlined here by Charlie Jamieson from JCB. Charlie explicitly warns of the ‘train having left the station’ for a potential ‘down-the-firepole type pricing moment’ that all investors... Show More

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Are Investors Missing Out On The M&A Boom?

Luke Cummings

A recent article from Tony Boyd in the Australian Financial Review shone a light on just how active the domestic Australian market has been for M & A activity in 2018. Our last Livewire submission seven months ago touched on a few key things to look out for when trading... Show More

The most (and the least) profitable companies on the ASX200

Hugh Dive

In early May the major Australian banks collectively reported profits for their last six months of A$15.3 billion dollars. This resulted in some media commentary about banks being too profitable, especially as three of the banks reported in the middle of the Royal Commission into the financial services industry, which... Show More


Microsoft: move to subscription model makes for ‘sticky’ revenue

Peter Wilmshurst

Back in 2006 when we first bought Microsoft, the market was concerned about the future of the company’s consumer division – even though it represented only five percent of total sales. We saw great long-term potential for Microsoft to transition its enterprise software business to a subscription-based model, which would... Show More

An interesting alternative to the major banks

Clime Asset Management

It would be understandable if investors with large holdings in the four major commercial banks spent much of their time reviewing the recent mixed earnings results and negative newsflow from the Royal Commission. However, the vast amount of negative media and analyst coverage makes it tempting to spend too much... Show More

In Focus: Katana Australian Equity Fund

Romano Sala Tenna

The Katana Australian Equity Fund (KAEF) is a long-only, actively managed investment fund that invests in a range of Australian listed companies. Since inception in December 2005, it has outperformed the All Ordinaries index by 163.7%, or 7.21%p.a. net of fees. Show More

Dacian set for share price re-rating on production ramp-up and exploration success

Barry FitzGerald

The Rohan Williams-led miner is cranking up Australia’s newest gold mine, with production forecast to hit 180,000-210,000oz in FY19. And recent exploration results show it is likely to soon have a third source of ore for its plant. Plus, rising prices for battery metals boost Panoramic’s campaign to re-start Savannah.... Show More

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Book Number 3 - Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Seth Klarman is widely recognised as one of the greatest value investors of all time. He is CEO and Portfolio Manager of the Baupost Group, a hedge fund managing over US$31 billion. His book, Margin of Safety is a value investors’ classic. Klarman practically explains the philosophy of value investing... Show More

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Fresh ideas from three market masters

Livewire Exclusive

In this video from the Future Generation Forum, Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management, David Paradice from Paradice Investment Management, and Graham Hay from Antipodes Partners share their views on the market. The session was ‘no holes barred’, as Wilson questioned if there was any price at which AMP becomes... Show More

Bell Potter Top Picks From The Banks

Bell Potter

Our major banks may not be outnumbered nor outgunned in the operational sense but some are clearly not seen to be occupying the moral high ground at the moment. Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 winners from the royal commission

Buy Hold Sell

The stunning findings from the Royal Commission have triggered tectonic shifts in the financial sector. But as Winston Churchill said, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. So, Buy Hold Sell returns from a break to ask our panelists who the winners will be from the Commission? Tune in... Show More


What Mattered Today; Stocks rebound from early lows – short term bullish!

James Gerrish

A better day for the market overall however some decent volatility throughout the session particularly at 11.30am where a big portfolio unwind happened – looked like a computer hitting stocks hard and causing the market to drop around -20pts in the few minutes. We sighted an overseas seller putting pressure... Show More


Gain today, pain tomorrow?

Gareth Brown

The best run businesses think long term. While it’s easy for management to roll out a few platitudes each quarter, talk is talk. The acid test is whether management embraces activities that hurt in the short run in order to reap in the long run. I’ve always thought of this... Show More

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The New Criterion: small cap exposures to life insurance and data centres

Tim Boreham

A low key listed life insurer is in an intriguing position following a recent acquisition. Meanwhile, a newly-listed data centre operator has the big players in its sights. Show More

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5 potential short-squeezes going into the end of financial year

James Gerrish

Coming into the end of the financial year, it's time to look for stocks heavily shorted by traders and hedge funds. Hedge funds often like to lock in profits before the EOFY creates “pops” in the respective companies, and / or simply “clean up” their positions. Show More


Emerging markets hitting the sweet spot

Livewire Exclusive

Emerging markets have begun to recover following several years of flat returns following the GFC. Rohit Chopra, Portfolio Manager for the Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund, believes that strong company fundamentals and growing economies have created a positive environment for emerging markets equities. Show More

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Growth at a reasonable yield

Marcus Tuck

John D. Rockefeller once said: "Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's seeing my dividends coming in". Mr Rockefeller was perhaps a little too fond of his dividends, but they are an important component of total equity returns, particularly in a high-dividend-paying market such as Australia's... Show More


Book Number 4 – The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks (Revised May 18)

Lachlan Hughes

Howard Marks is the Chairman and Founder of Oaktree Capital Management, an investment firm managing over $120B. This is not a how to invest book and you will not find any step by step instructions. When it comes to investing, Marks believes there is no sure-fire recipe for success. This... Show More

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Medium screen shot 2017 02 28 at 8.02.18 pm

Patrick Poke

This is absolutely my favourite investing book of all time. There is so much value in this book that it should be compulsory reading for all new investors. Open a brokerage account? Read [...]

Time to buy AMP?

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

After being grilled by the Royal Commission, the outlook for AMP (AMP) has become swamped by conjecture regarding possible regulatory changes and punishments that may be meted out to the financial advice industry. Eva Brocklehurst asks: Where to from here? Show More