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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ASX ANZ)

ANZ is an Australian company founded in 1835 by George Kinnear. ANZ is an Australian major Banking and Financial institution and operates in 32 markets globally including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East. The company headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia and it's shares trade publicly on the ASX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchase Shares
Where can I buy ANZ shares?
An individual can buy and sell shares with the assistance of a broker who is licenced to trade on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).
When does ANZ pay dividends?
ANZ's dividend payment history shows an interim dividend in July and a final dividend in December.
Does ANZ pay dividends?
Yes, ANZ has a history of paying dividends.
Company Information
In which markets does ANZ currently operate?
ANZ operates in 32 countries around the world, including:
1.  Australia
2.  American Samoa
3.  China
4.  Cook Islands
5.  Fiji
6.  France
7.  Germany
8.  Guam
9. Hong Kong
10. India
11. Indonesia
12. Japan
13. Kiribati
14. Korea
15. Laos
16. Malaysia
17. Myanmar
18. New Zealand
19. Papua New Guinea
20. Philippines
21. Samoa
22. Solomon Islands
23. Singapore
24. Taiwan
25. Thailand
26. Timor Leste
27. Tonga
28. United Arab Emirates
29. United Kingdom
30. United States of America
31. Vanuatu
32. Vietnam

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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ASX:ANZ) is an Australian publicly listed company that trades on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company's stock code is ANZ. Livewire Markets has 123 experts who have published 542 articles that have featured Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. You can view all those wires here. The last time time ANZ was featured was on the 03 October 2023 by James Gerrish in the wire “The Match Out: Stocks hit 6-month low as the RBA holds rates at 4.1%”. Get the latest ANZ share price and other key information like ANZ Financials on Market Index.