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The A2 Milk Company Ltd (ASX A2M)

The A2 Milk Company is a New Zealand company founded in 2000 by Corran McLachlan and Howard Paterson. A2M is an FMCG company exclusively focused on the sale of milk products containing the A2 beta-casein protein type and operates in New Zealand, Australia, Greater China, North America and several emerging markets. The company headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand and it's shares trade publicly on the ASX and NZX. The primary brands are a2 and a2 Milk and A2 has a significant capability in infant formula production.

Followers 3.6K
Exchange ASX
Sector Consumer Staples
Industry Food, Beverage & Tobacco

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does The A2 Milk Company Ltd (A2M) pay dividends?
No, the A2 Milk Company Ltd (A2M) does not have a history of paying dividends.
Company Information
Is the A2 Milk Company a New Zealand or Australian Company?
The A2 Milk company was founded in New Zealand and its headquarters are in Auckland New Zealand. It's shares are dual listed on both the ASX and NZX. Australia and New Zealand are both major markets for A2M.
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Where can I buy The A2 Milk Company (A2M) shares?
An individual can buy and sell shares with the assistance of a broker who is licensed to trade on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) or the NZX (New Zealand’s Exchange).

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The A2 Milk Company Ltd (ASX:A2M) is an Australian publicly listed company that trades on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company's stock code is A2M. Livewire Markets has 49 experts who have published 155 articles that have featured The A2 Milk Company Ltd. You can view all those wires here. The last time time A2M was featured was on the 04 July 2024 by Glenn Freeman in the wire “The 11 top-returning ASX 200 stocks of FY24 (across each sector)”. Get the latest A2M share price and other key information like A2M Financials on Market Index.