Patrick Poke

The US and China are nearing agreement on a trade deal, but it could be bad news for Australia; Australian Super clashes with government over climate change issues; and Melbourne and Sydney auction volumes down by ~30%. Here's what's happening in markets. Show More

James Gerrish

The market was strong early however showed some signs of weakness again during the middle part of the day before a late flurry in the last 20mins saw the index close higher. The Chinese market was strong today adding more than 3% while the rest of Asia tracked higher, although... Show More

Brad Potter

Interestingly this week we saw some new information coming out of China where they've stopped Australian imports of coal going into the Dalian port. We've known about the slowdown in processing of coal, particularly Australian coal in a number of other ports, so this new information was interesting and certainly... Show More


The public debate as to whether the US, and by extension the global economy, is heading for a recession has quickly fallen flat in early 2019. Very little works as reassuringly as rising share prices, and as the dire and gloomy final quarter of calendar 2018 has been followed up... Show More

Hugh Dive

The “Dogs of the Dow” is an investment strategy that is based on buying the ten worst performing stocks over the past 12 months from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) at the beginning of the year but restricting the stocks selected to those that are still paying a dividend.... Show More

James Gerrish

Despite a soft US lead, the local index opened higher and didn’t really look back today, particularly in the last few hours of trade where the bulk of the rally happened. There was no real news to drive the market higher, at least nothing that hit the boards in the... Show More

James Gerrish

Summer is here, the cricket season is ramping up and the market has found some form managing a century in today's session. The G20 result sent investors into a buying frenzy today, and the local market managed to earn back all of Friday’s weakness plus change today. It was clear... Show More

John Martin

Climate change is occurring earlier and more rapidly than anticipated, calling for urgent changes over the next decade to combat the impacts of extreme heat, drought and floods that could result from rising temperatures.(1) But while the world is heating up, so too is investment in the renewable energy sector,... Show More

Stefan Hansen

On my last trip to China, we were a little cautious despite the optimism displayed by China’s primary industries — a flow on from the stimulus-led recovery of 2016. Our caution proved warranted. Money supply tightened and key macro indicators weakened, which hit bulks in particular. This time around there... Show More