Andrew Macken

As many millennials are now reaching the age at which they start to take over the grocery shopping responsibilities, it is not surprising to observe significant growth in demand for online shopping. On the one hand, this is nothing new: we have seen the ongoing shift to online shopping across... Show More

Chad Slater

On recent trips to the local supermarket you begin to notice that the cost of the shopping appears to be getting a little more expensive. Friends have been talking about a new store that has opened a few suburbs away and so you decide to visit it the next time.... Show More

Peter Gardner

On 1 April 2019, Woolworths announced a $1.7B off-market share buy-back. The buy-back will have a $4.79 capital component, with the balance being a fully franked dividend. The buy-back will be based on a tender, with investors tendering to sell shares at a discount of between 10% to 14% below... Show More

Nick Grove

To be a successful equity investor, there are a few very simple tenets to follow if you want to get a head-start – and these include avoiding underperformers and not getting sucked into yield traps, Plato Investment Management managing director, Dr Don Hamson, said in a recent presentation.Hamson also had... Show More

Peter Gardner

Interest rates around the world, including Australia, have been falling recently. Where conventional wisdom one year ago was for rising rates, now expectations have factored in domestic rate cuts and falling yields over the next 3 years. Aussie 10-year government bonds are at all-time lows standing at 1.75%. This change... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

The local market ran with the positive lead out of the US and Europe on Friday night, combining with some better than expected China PMI data to send the index over 6200. The unofficial number out over the weekend was better than expected, then official, or Caixin PMI once again... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Woolworths’ interim result last month disappointed and the shares fell briefly before rebounding to where they were before the result: around $30. Does this mean there is nothing to worry about after all and the stock is a buy? Show More

JCP  Investment Partners

The reporting season in Australia completed in February. Overall, reporting season exceeded low expectations, with consensus June 2019 forecasts being upgraded marginally (aggregate revisions to June 2019 profits were upgraded by 0.3%). Consensus bottom up eps growth forecasts for the June 2019 year now stand at 6.3%. This is dominated... Show More

Brad Potter

Interestingly this week we saw some new information coming out of China where they've stopped Australian imports of coal going into the Dalian port. We've known about the slowdown in processing of coal, particularly Australian coal in a number of other ports, so this new information was interesting and certainly... Show More

Alex Cowie

Livewire readers submitted ~2500 stock tips in a survey we ran at the start of the year. We published the ’10 most tipped stocks’ and ’10 more of the most tipped’ off the back of the results. However, in this wire, we put our contrarian heads on and ask: ‘Which... Show More

Alex Cowie

One of the most engaging parts of my role at Livewire is working with Australian fund managers to discuss their views and bring you great content. With over 400 managers now contributing to the platform, overseeing the content can feel like being at the epicentre of the market. So with... Show More

Asset Allocation
Dr Don Hamson

Forecast for shares income, including from the banks, remains solid. For the “glass half empty” thinkers, there is plenty of bad news to focus on in 2019 – the Trump trade war, Brexit, falling house prices, the final report of the Financial Services Royal Commission, political risk and more. Show More

Trent Crawley

There’s no better feeling than receiving a cheque from the tax man. But with Labor likely to win the next federal election, fewer cheques will be posted by the ATO. Will companies sitting on large franking balances rush out and try to beat the impending changes to the imputation system? Show More

Anton Tagliaferro

Most people are familiar with the concept of compound interest when it comes to term deposits where one can earn interest on interest by continuing to roll over a term deposit several times. However, many investors do not relate the concept of compounding to their investments in the sharemarket. Show More

James Gerrish

Summer is here, the cricket season is ramping up and the market has found some form managing a century in today's session. The G20 result sent investors into a buying frenzy today, and the local market managed to earn back all of Friday’s weakness plus change today. It was clear... Show More