Daily Report
James Gerrish

The Trump / China trade hangover lingered over the market this morning and we’d expect that theme to continue for the remainder of the week, however it wasn’t all one way traffic with more green about than US trade would have implied. Banks were mostly higher on the day, resources... Show More

Marcus Padley

In the last couple of months it has been all about “the market”. We have been more concerned with cash levels than stock selection and as one of my team said yesterday, you know something is wrong when the first word anyone says when they walk into the office is... Show More

Nick Griffin

At the recent Future Generation Investment Forum, I nominated two of my best stock ideas. One, a domestic play with EPS growing at 20% over the next three years and the other, an international stock we think is set to double over the next five years. Show More

Alex Cowie

On Thursday, we heard from some of the market’s top fund managers at the Future Generation Investment Forum, with each offering their best stock idea. If you missed it, we have summarised the key points from each presentation below and included a link to the recording. Read on for insights... Show More


Companies that will attain, and then sustain, very high returns on capital, have the ‘future quality’ that Will Low, Head of Global equities at Nikko Asset Management looks for. Here he discusses two highly successful Australian growth stocks, and a global stock that is a household name, through this lens. He... Show More

James Gerrish

Some high valuation growth stocks have caught our eye over the last few days, specifically the top-performing stocks that were sold off yesterday. We are happily absent from the high-flying growth stocks, but if they are flogged too hard, a couple will become interesting. Here we share our view and... Show More

Most investors in Australia, be it consciously or otherwise, are "value" investors.If you haven't figured out what type you are, consider the following two propositions: 1) a share price drops by -20%; has your interest been triggered?; 2). a share price rallies by 20%; do you now think 'this horse... Show More