Patrick Poke

Finding cheap stocks this late in the cycle is getting harder and harder. Index funds have bid up the prices of large-cap stocks to levels not seen since the tech bubble, while mid-cap growth stocks like Afterpay and Wisetech have been bid to dizzying heights. But attractive opportunities are still... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

The market brushed the weakness seen overnight to trade around even for much of the session. Just like yesterday it ebbed and flowed around 6220 handle on the ASX 200 with very little conviction for the market to push on in either direction. Today it was the banks offsetting the... Show More

JCP  Investment Partners

The reporting season in Australia completed in February. Overall, reporting season exceeded low expectations, with consensus June 2019 forecasts being upgraded marginally (aggregate revisions to June 2019 profits were upgraded by 0.3%). Consensus bottom up eps growth forecasts for the June 2019 year now stand at 6.3%. This is dominated... Show More

James Miller

A key aspect of our philosophy is that “every company has a price”. This leads to us looking across the entire market for investment opportunities. In that process we’ve found that a great company doesn’t always translate into a great investment. In fact, in our experience some of the best... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

Volatility and wild swings in company share prices were a feature of the August 2018 reporting period. For example, Bellamy’s shares immediately fell 8% on the result only to rally and end the day 6% higher. According to Charlie Aitken, it’s a symptom of large amounts of short-term money sloshing... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

Short selling lets investors profit from a fall in a stock price by selling first then buying after it has fallen. So a bearish consensus can lead to a big short position building in hope of a lower price. In this special episode Matthew Kidman from Centennial Asset Management hosts... Show More

Andrew Tang

Investors are waiting for a circuit-breaker. Stretched valuations limit upside potential for a further re-rating of the market multiple (15.8x 12month forward PE, Industrials ex-Financials at 21.8x) and without clear earnings momentum in either direction the market is likely to remain rangebound. Show More