Daily Report
James Gerrish

The ASX brushed a weak overnight futures read early in the session as the banks caught a bid for the third day in a row. The buying caught a second wind mid-morning around the time of the RBA Minutes release. There was a significant change in tone from the RBA... Show More


Short-term reactionary behaviour is to be expected within every earnings season, and February 2019 was no exception. But opportunities that went misinterpreted or unappreciated by the herd await patient investors willing to block out the noise and really take a look at a company’s fundamentals and growth prospects. Here, we... Show More

Patrick Poke

Australian economy grows just 0.2% in Q4 and enters ‘GDP-per-person recession’ as auto sales crash; new study by S&P shows that investors are still being ‘fooled by randomness’, nearly 20 years after Nassim Nicholas Taleb first warned against it; and $US1.3 trillion asset manager, Legal & General, says quarterly earnings... Show More

James Gerrish

Aussie stocks rallied hard again today copping a big sugar hit from weaker than expected GDP numbers + the RBA Governor Lowe essentially ruled out any possibility of a hike this year. Interestingly enough, the market started rallying at 11am and put on a quick +20points prior to the weak... Show More

Asset Allocation
Tim Johnston

Fourth quarter 2018 saw the market essentially pricing in a recession via a strong risk-off sell down; economically sensitive (cyclical and financial) stocks were hit hard. In the case of financials, there were additional concerns due to negative sentiment associated with the Financial Services Royal Commission. Not surprising, expectations from... Show More

James Gerrish

Another hugely interesting day and we’ve just had BHP across the ticker to round things out (I have done a quick recording below after the numbers dropped). Six large caps dropped more than 6%, a couple by more than 20% while on the flipside, five stocks in the top 200... Show More

Marcus Padley

In the last couple of months it has been all about “the market”. We have been more concerned with cash levels than stock selection and as one of my team said yesterday, you know something is wrong when the first word anyone says when they walk into the office is... Show More

James Gerrish

It’s been one of those weeks with a lot happening under the hood – lots of volatility – however when we look at the actual moves overall, we’ve simply edged slightly higher which actually feels like a win! Today, the market was positive, more so in the morning, however we... Show More

Stuart Welch

The Australian healthcare sector has been the best performing sector of the Australian share market over the last couple of years, although this statistic masks considerable variability within the sector. The global leaders (CSL, Cochlear and Resmed) have driven the lion’s share of the sector’s outperformance over the last two... Show More