Buy Hold Sell

For many years, Fairfax enjoyed its famous ‘rivers of gold’, the seemingly endless cascade of revenue pouring in from its online advertising pages. These 'rivers' have long since carved their own channels though, and as Matthew Kidman from Centennial Funds quips in this entertaining episode of Buy Hold Sell, ‘the... Show More


The public debate as to whether the US, and by extension the global economy, is heading for a recession has quickly fallen flat in early 2019. Very little works as reassuringly as rising share prices, and as the dire and gloomy final quarter of calendar 2018 has been followed up... Show More

Jason Teh

The market corrections in February and October should be a warning to investors that the stock market is highly cyclical. It was inevitable that ‘growth’ stocks, which pushed the market to new highs for many months eventually led the collapse. Investors who paid heed to Howard Marks’ famous quote on... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

"Now, data is interesting but we're not really interested in it... We look at others' loyalty programs and their big data schemes and we really question the true value that’s delivered to customers...What we'd rather do is keep our business simple, focus on what matters most to customers, because it’s... Show More

It seems like just weeks ago that February reporting season was wrapping up, but believe it or not, reporting season is upon us again. The Australian market has performed solidly in the period since, having gained 4.4% since the end of February. But this number hides the dichotomy that has... Show More

Most investors in Australia, be it consciously or otherwise, are "value" investors.If you haven't figured out what type you are, consider the following two propositions: 1) a share price drops by -20%; has your interest been triggered?; 2). a share price rallies by 20%; do you now think 'this horse... Show More