Marni Lysaght

In an environment of persistent earnings multiple expansion, investors have had to look hard to find quality value names. With confession season largely behind investors in Australia, some names in the Small Caps space have come out relatively unscathed and appear poised to meet guidance (with some featuring the cherry... Show More

Pat Barrett

...sure, there's no +13% returns on results day like NIB Holdings, but there's also none of the wild swings we've seen with Worley Parsons, or the -36% MTD falls for software group CSG. The REIT results display reliable income growth due to the contractual nature of the rental income. REITs... Show More

UBS Asset Management

The FY16 reporting season has passed. Most results passed without fanfare. We did, however, receive a few positive surprises and a few negative ones. Positive surprises included Motorcycle Holdings, Baby Bunting, iSentia and Sirtex Medical. We received a negative surprise from Gateway Lifestyle (GTY-AU). In particular, the company guided to... Show More

Patrick Poke

It’s been an exciting quarter at Livewire; we’ve hosted the second Livewire Live investor forum at the ASX’s Exchange Square, and contributors have submitted more than 1,000 wires to the website. Financial markets have been no less interesting as they seesawed before and after the UK referendum, market commentators continued... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Australia’s population is ageing. Those aged 65+ made up 13.8 percent of the population in 2011, by 2031 that number is expected to grow to 18.7%. The economic implications of these trends are well established and varied, including additional pressure on health infrastructure, lower tax revenues, and higher social spending... Show More