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Megaport Ltd (ASX MP1)

Megaport is an Australian company founded in 2013 by Bevan Slattery. MP1 is an enterprise software and services organisation and operates in Australia and around the globe. The company headquarters are in Fortitude Valley, Queensland Australia and it's shares trade publicly on the ASX.

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Sector Technology
Industry Software & Services


Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing Shares
Where can I buy Megaport Ltd (MP1) shares?
An individual can buy and sell shares with the assistance of a broker who is licensed to trade on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange).
Does Megaport Ltd (MP1) pay dividends?
No, Megaport Ltd (MP1) does not have a history of paying dividends.
Company Information
What is Megaport?
Megaport is a software layer that provides it's customers with capabilities for networking and cloud computing.

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Megaport Ltd (ASX:MP1) is an Australian publicly listed company that trades on the Australian Stock Exchange. The company's stock code is MP1. Livewire Markets has 33 experts who have published 77 articles that have featured Megaport Ltd. You can view all those wires here. The last time time MP1 was featured was on the 12 August 2022 by Rudi Filapek-Vandyck in the wire “FNArena reporting season monitor: August 2022 – Week 2 (34 stocks covered)”.