Pie Funds

We look for companies with the potential for strong earnings growth, operating in an industry which is itself growing, a clean balance sheet, and management who are founders or have considerable skin in the game. We then like to buy those companies at attractive prices. The Growth and Dividend funds... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

One of the most profitable trends in the market this year has been the outperformance of small cap stocks. The Small Ordinaries index (total return) is up around 13%, well ahead of large caps, measured using the ASX50, which is up just 5%. However, small cap stocks come with an... Show More

Tim Kelley

One of the ways we try to take advantage of technology to improve our investment process is with machine learning algorithms.  In simple terms, we gather large amounts of historical data and using that data we “teach” a computer system to distinguish between good investments and weaker ones by finding... Show More