Karl Siegling

Every discussion on the mining services sector should start with the concept that commodity prices go up and down based on demand and supply, and resource company profits go up or down. So, too, do those of mining services companies. Show More

Alex Cowie

The chaos of reporting season makes a good case against markets being efficient. It will take weeks, if not months, to fully parse the recent data download of many hundreds of reports, and to also process views gleamed from the ensuing company roadshows. Reporting season can thus generate a long... Show More

Andrew Smith

Starting with quality of the earnings, the data was encouraging. Revenue growth continues to be strong reflecting the recovery in the mining cycle. More encouraging was the expansion in EBITDA margins (from 16.5% to 19.2%) and this was despite the disclosure of an additional $5 million invested in technology development... Show More

Jack Collopy

Imdex has internally developed a fleet of tools and products which it leases to drillers for use during exploration. Imdex have had significant success with their traditional core orientation tools and are progressively seeing increased demand for newer cost-saving technologies. Current R&D expenditure is focused on developing tools for the... Show More

David Allingham

We are currently witnessing a turning point for small caps. However investors should wait for the final tax loss selling of FY17 to subside in late June before committing. Post 30 June we expect small caps to have a strong period in both an absolute sense and versus large caps.... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Livewire reached out to a group of small cap portfolio managers to ask for a stock that has been unduly sold down as part of a sector de-rating, rather than company specific issues. Their selections specifically highlighted the value now present in retail, mining services and infrastructure. Show More

Andrew Smith

Today’s third quarter update highlights a pick-up in momentum with third quarter revenue growth of 39% compared to second quarter growth of 13.4% and first quarter growth of 6.0%. Indicators from March were also strong with a 44% lift in tools on hire foreshadowing strong revenue growth in the coming... Show More

Alex Cowie

With the March quarter nearly over, we’ve been checking in on the stock picks from our 2017 Outlook survey. First came our readers’ stock ideas (link below). Now we look at the stocks picked by our panel of five experts. Show More

Glennon Capital

Last week marked the busiest week of the current reporting season. With most of the smaller companies reporting there was no shortage of stocks to profile. We take a look at three of these businesses, how they have fared during the reporting period and what this means for the businesses... Show More

Andrew Smith

Imdex delivered a 24% lift in EBITDA on 10% revenue growth for the 1H17. The most impressive performance came from the REFLEX Instruments division with 20% growth in tools on hire. The 2H17 is also off to a strong start with 26% growth in January 2017 – a clear sign... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

As part of Livewire's 2017 Outlook Series we’ve asked 5 professional stock pickers for their views on the outlook for equities and their #1 stock pick for 2017. The panel features Matthew Kidman, Chris Stott, and Ben Clark who were the top three stock pickers from Livewire’s 2016 Outlook Series.... Show More

Aside from Primary Health Care, today's note features smaller AGMs. First strikes at Australian Dairy Farms Group, Fleetwood Corporation, East Energy Resources and Quantum Energy and close at Carnarvon Petroleum. Not for the first time this season, I take a look at the show of hands or poll debate, using... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Imdex is a global provider of downhole instrumentation, drilling fluids and equipment. What sets Imdex apart from other mining services companies is the IP which it has developed within its products allowing it to become a leader in its field and providing high barriers to entry. In our longform below,... Show More