Leyland Private Asset Management

Altium Limited (ALU) is engaged in the development and sale of computer software for the design of electronic products. The business provides electronic design software, or circuit board design. Software is used to design printed circuit boards (PCBs), the green plastic boards that control everything from computers, calculators, phones and... Show More

Oscar Oberg

Investors’ desire for growth outside of the suffering Australian economy was a major theme to emerge in the February 2019 Reporting Season, particularly in the small-to-mid-cap segment of the market. Show More

Marcus Tuck

Around this time of year, for the past two years, we have published on Livewire the results of our quant screening of Australian stocks, in search of companies that meet our particular metrics around valuation, expected EPS growth and balance sheet safety. One thing they all have in common is... Show More

Alex Cowie

At the start of the year, we announced the ten most tipped stocks from our Livewire reader survey. Three months into the year, this diverse basket is already up by 25.6% on average (or 26.9% with dividends), versus 8.6% for the ASX200. We saw some impressive results from the most... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Fidelity's Future Leaders Fund recently made history when it won Morningstar’s small-cap Aussie equities ‘Fund Manager of the Year’ award for the second consecutive year. Following this impressive win, we recently dropped in to chat with the fund’s Portfolio Manager, James Abela. In this wide-ranging discussion, James explains why he... Show More

Schroders Australia

They have seen the whites of the enemy’s eyes and beat a hasty retreat. Given the correlation of equity markets with the progression of quantitative easing, the prospect of tighter monetary conditions, particularly in the US, sent shivers through markets in the final quarter of 2018. Show More

Bell Potter

We recap some of the profit reporting season highlights from the past week including Bionomics, Medical Developments International, Accent Group, Altium and WiseTech Global. Full reports are available below via links. Show More

Ben Clark

Altium has once again delivered an outstanding half-year result which appears to have exceeded consensus forecasts. The stock has gained more than 20% on the result to trade around the $33 level. Given this stock traded at 8c in June 2011, it is now a ~400-bagger in less than 8... Show More

Alex Cowie

Equity indices everywhere were in the red last year, yet the three most tipped stocks from the 2018 Livewire reader survey, Afterpay Touch, CSL and BHP, all finished well in the black. They gained (excluding dividends) 107.7%, 31.0%, and 15.8% respectively, or 52% on average. While the order has changed,... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

For two years now, Roger Montgomery has been warning investors of a pending housing crash. While these claims were initially met with scepticism, as the data has deteriorated significantly in Sydney and Melbourne, more investors are coming to accept this thesis. According to CoreLogic’s Home Property Value Index, prices for... Show More

James Gerrish

Despite a soft US lead, the local index opened higher and didn’t really look back today, particularly in the last few hours of trade where the bulk of the rally happened. There was no real news to drive the market higher, at least nothing that hit the boards in the... Show More

Emanuel Datt

We have noted of late, increased commentary about particular ASX listed companies that are perceived to be expensive on traditional measures - without regard for their actual business models. In this wire, we specifically discuss companies using 'scalable business models', define what this term means, and outline two examples. Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Tech - it’s a sector that local investors just love to hate, but if you didn’t own a handful of these high PE names of late you missed out on some stellar price action. In August just four technology stocks generated ~60% of the returns for the small ords. Show More

Andrew Mitchell

The recent whipsaw of capital back towards higher growth / higher valuation businesses has been most evident across the more growth-heavy small and mid-cap equities space, particularly following significant contributions from companies within the emerging technology and IT sectors. Show More

Schroders Australia

It has long been difficult to place rationale around valuations in certain areas of the market. While the supermodels get all the spotlights, it’s the cardigan wearing brigade that seem more like a solid investment, allowing scope for many different futures — both good and not so good — without... Show More