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In September, Australia posted its highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth numbers in over 4 years – but does this mean the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has an interest rate hike in store? The answer lies partly in understanding the terms of trade and some other key factors that... Show More

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Australia's GDP data for the March Quarter will be released tomorrow at 11:30am. Consensus expectations are for a fall in year-on-year to 2.7%, while quarter-on-quarter data is expected to remain flat at 0.6%. “The Australian economy’s running at something like a 3% annual pace. We think that we’ve probably held... Show More

John Robertson

China reported that its GDP in 2015 was 6.9% higher than in 2014. For anyone fixated on a 7% growth target, this was slightly disappointing but a statistically insignificant discrepancy. The chart illustrates quarterly changes for China’s GDP, as they would be reported in Australia, since 2011. The December quarter... Show More

Elliot Clarke

It certainly has been an eventful week. Changes to the RBA post-meeting statement were negligible, emphasising that the RBA is firmly on hold while waiting to see what 2016 will bring. Australian GDP provided mixed signals. Abstracting from the substantial negative impact of mining investment, domestic demand detail was constructive... Show More