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SQM's deal with Chile's Corfo could shift LT Li Supply - Bad day for listed Li Companies

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Lithium (Li) Companies have had an incredible 6-9mths, most 2x or 3x higher. So you could be forgiven to think they were ripe for some news to temper the run. The news that has seen weakness across the board is that Chilean Corfo (Govt) said it had struck a deal... Show More

Kidman (KDR) - World Class Asset + World Class Partner ='s?

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KDR has been a roller coaster for the last 12 months. A world class Li discovery, followed by a court case by which they stood to lose their newly discovered assets, then a resounding win at court, then finally a deal with the number one Lithium producer globally in SQM... Show More

Kidman Resources (KDR) wins case against MZN - what next will be most interesting

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Kidman Resources limited (KDR) has successfully defended the case brought by Marindi Metals (MZN), which claimed that KDR agreed to sell its lithium assets in early 2016, for less than ~$300k in cash and shares. The court case was closely watched, and no smoking gun was produced. The court case... Show More

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Desk Note - Kidman Resources (KDR) - Trading at a significant discount to peers - "real" Lithium development exposure.

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Lithium demand, and the forecast increase coming our way, has us looking for value across battery related companies. Generally it is hard to find. The boom in demand has been matched by a boom in exploration names listing on the ASX. A lot will fizz out, and there will only... Show More

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